Wukrshuz-pattern particle rifle

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Wukrshuz-pattern particle rifle
A render of the Wukrshuz-pattern particle rifle.
Production overview


Particle beam rifle


Ammunition type:

Accelerated ionized hydrogen gas


Particle beam weapon


The Wukrshuz-pattern particle rifle is a design pattern of particle beam rifle employed by infantry forces of the Covenant.[1]


Design details[edit]

The Wukrshuz was one of the few weapon designs pioneered by San'Shyuum artisan-armorers to gain some favour within the warrior classes of the Covenant - coming to be regarded as a particularly powerful example of a beam rifle and an instrument of divine might to be wielded by anyone tasked with clearing hives of the Flood parasite. The design was modelled by the San'Shyuum after weapon-artifacts designed by the Forerunners - requiring time-consuming replication of delicate mechanisms and safety rites requiring careful coordination in order to safely build. This unfortunately meant that the rifle had numerous design compromises in both safety and lethality.[1]


Due to the time and expense required to construct a Wukrshuz, only the most elite units and individuals were granted access to it. San'Shyuum soldiers ordained by the Hierarchs, such as the Prelates and Stewards, were among these individuals. So-called "Slugmen" Lekgolo gestalts were also used as special-purpose snipers and wielded the rifle.[1]

Production notes[edit]

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The Wukrshuz-pattern particle beam was originally designed during the production of Halo: Combat Evolved by Marcus Lehto as one of many weapons designed for the Covenant. The weapon can be seen in a concept sketch done for the Special Purpose Sniper enemy, and was later featured in prerelease footage released by Lehto under the name c particle beam rifle[2] (also referred to as the "alien sniper rifle"[3]). The weapon was one of many recovered and restored by the Digsite asset restoration project, and released as part of an official asset pack in the Halo Editing Kit.[4][1]



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