Nahle'hax-pattern needler

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For other needler patterns with the same Type-33 designation, see Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher.
Nahle'hax-pattern needle launcher
H2A T33Needler.png
One known chassis of the Nahle'hax-pattern needler.
Production overview






73 centimetres (28.7 in)[3][4]-74.3 centimetres (29.3 in)[1][5][6]


21.6 centimetres (8.5 in)[3][5]


53 centimetres (20.9 in)[3][5]


3.7 kilograms (8.2 lb)[3][5]

Ammunition type:

4.8-6.3mm Subanese crystal shards[1][4][5]

Feed system:


Rate of fire:


Effective range:

Close to medium[10]

Service history

In service:

Human-Covenant War[4][11][12]
Post-Covenant War conflicts

The Nahle'hax-pattern needle launcher (UNSC Type classification: Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher, T-33 GML),[10][11][14] is a Covenant infantry weapon originally manufactured by Sacred Promissory during the Human-Covenant War.[1] Following the Fall of High Charity, the needler is manufactured by Lodam Armory.[4]


Design details[edit]

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The Nahle'hax-pattern needler has multiple known chassis. They are all characterized by a longer handguard extending from the lower cowling that curves upwards and a thumbhole in the grip.[4] One variant of the chassis is slightly longer; it has a small blue light on either side of the upper cowling, and a row of three triangle lights between the upper cowling and the grip.[15] A second variant has four metallic braces, rather than four glowing lines, that connect the cowlings to the channel braces on either side of the weapon.[4] A third variant has no small blue lights on either side of the upper cowling, and a row of three trapezoid lights between the upper cowling and the grip. This third variant’s chassis has either navy blue or purple coloration.[16][17]


The Nahle'hax-pattern needler was employed by the Covenant and observed by the United Nations Space Command as early as 2533, as indicated by its UNSC designation Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher. During the Battle of Actium in 2545, the 34th Armored Division recovered a Nahle'hax-pattern needler from the Covenant that was later displayed at Outpost Discovery, an exploratory initiative launched by the United Nations Space Command.[11] This pattern of the needler was notably employed during the Fall of Reach by Fleet of Valiant Prudence forces deployed in Eposz,[9] and, after the war, it was employed by Jul 'Mdama's Covenant during the Battle of Requiem and the Requiem Campaign[7]

Non-canon and dubious canon appearances[edit]

Silver Timeline[edit]

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Kai-125 holding a needler in Dr. Keyes' lab.

"See these holes on the top plate? That's where the needle rounds are primed. You pull the trigger and somehow they just know how to target living tissue."
Kai-125 explaining her favorite Covenant weapon.[18]

Needlers are used by the Covenant during their war against humanity. Silver Team will occasionally scavenge needlers from dead Covenant and use them against Covenant troops.[18]

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