M995 Backstop point defense laser

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M995 Backstop point defense laser
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Directed-energy weapon


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Human-Covenant War[1]
Post-Covenant War conflicts[2]


The M995 Backstop is a directed-energy weapon system developed and employed by the Office of Naval Intelligence, for use aboard prowlers.[1][2]


Design details[edit]

The Backstop is a a laser weapon system developed to fulfil the role of point-defense.[1] In their use aboard the Winter-class prowler, three such weapons are mounted as pop-up turrets, with one located behind the cockpit and another on each wing. Each Backstop has two pulse laser emitters and an electronic countermeasures dispenser capable of a deploying a variety of consumables from heat sinks to deception jammers to mislead enemy sensors and break target locks.[2]


Three such weapons are fitted aboard the Winter-class prowler.[1][2]

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