M4131 rapid-fire howitzer

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M4131 rapid-fire howitzer
Blitz artwork ripped from game files
A Kodiak firing its M4131 howitzer.
Production overview




Ammunition type:

  • 152mm munitions[1]
    • High-explosive artillery shells[1]
    • Unmanned drones[1]
    • Precision-guided munitions[1]
    • Sentinel beacon "lures"[2]
Service history

In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts
Second Ark Conflict


The 152mm M4131 rapid-fire howitzer is a kind of howitzer employed by the United Nations Space Command.[1]


Design details[edit]

The M4131 is a 152mm indirect-fire artillery piece used for long-range bombardment. The weapon uses an electromagnetic catapult-assist system capable of launching standard 152mm high-explosive artillery shells or more specialised payloads. These include unmanned drones, precision-guided munitions,[1] and beacon warheads designed by Ellen Anders to serve as "lures" for Sentinels.[2] As such, the M4131 can be used to fire upon enemy positions and, once the shell has detonated, attract flocks of Sentinel automatons to continue harassing targets who survive the initial attack.[2]

Some research into cryotechnology by Serina has additionally yielded a simulated cryonic shell for the M4131 howitzer capable of freezing units caught near its blast.[3] This variant, like other cryotech investigated by Serina (such as the Frostraven or Tundra Bison projects), has presumably yet to see application outside of specialised simulations.[4]


M4131 howitzers are predominantly used as long-ranged artillery mounted as the primary armament on the M400 Kodiak self-propelled artillery truck.[1] They may also be employed as an optional weapon mounting on the M5 Talos automated defensive system - Talos-mounted M4131s are sometimes known as "siege turret"s, and can be deployed as part of the armament on a UNSC firebase or deployed from orbit to serve as artillery support.[5][6]


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