M3045 deployable automated turret

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This article is about UNSC autoturret featured in Halo 5: Guardians. For other types of automated turret employed by various factions, see Automated turret.
M3045 Medium Machine Gun/Self Tracking
A render of the M3045 deployable automated turret model.
Production overview


Automated anti-infantry turret

Service history

In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts


The M3045 Medium Machine Gun/Self Tracking is a classification of anti-infantry automated turret employed by the United Nations Space Command and Liang-Dortmund Corporation.[1]


Design details[edit]

Unlike the larger M3063 heavy deployable turret, the M3045 sits on a single round base, with the turret folded-down for compact storage while not in use. When activated, the gun is raised and can turn around, and appears to have a small magazine of ammunition mounted on the back for manual reloading by an external technician. The turret's weapon is a single medium machine gun, which has an automatic fire mode.[2]

As with most human automated defences, M3045s can be deployed with multiple units networked together to act as a single machine. In these scenarios, the turrets are generally deployed with overlapping fields of fire with which they can be used to their best effect. Defensive networks like this generally rely on an optical or laser sensor and an IFF interrogator for target acquisition, which can then be shared across the network to best facilitate effective firing.[1]

Operational History[edit]

M3045s were used by the Liang-Dortmund company as a defensive installation at Apogee Station on Meridian in 2558, though still bearing UNSC colours. They were employed during theattack on Apogee Station by the Created in October of that year, and were activated by Fireteam Osiris to assist the station's defenders in fighting off Promethean forces.[3]


An M3045 deployable automated turret at Apogee Station on the level Unconfirmed.
The turret location on Unconfirmed.

One of these autoturrets can be found in the Halo 5: Guardians campaign level Unconfirmed, in the section before Fireteam Osiris descends into the Forerunner structure (where the Soldier comments on the human weaponry). In the structure to the right is a control panel overlooking the combat area. Once activated, the turret will unfold and begin firing on the enemies.


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