XEV9-Matos nonlinear pulse cannon

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XEV9-Matos nonlinear pulse cannon
The Sahara-class prowler UNSC Aladdin. The XEV9-Matos cannon can be seen taking the form of the prism-shaped pods underneath the wings.
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Electromagnetic pulse cannon

Service history

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The XEV9-Matos nonlinear pulse cannon is a starship-mounted EMP weapon in service with the United Nations Space Command.[3][4]


Design details[edit]

The XEV9 fires an electromagnetic pulse that can be used to disable enemy warships. The weapon is capable of firing multiple times in quick succession, and is mounted below the upper hull and wings of the ship, requiring the ship to turn "belly-up" relative to its target to fire the cannon.[2] In rare circumstances, the XEV9 offers coverage on forward-facing targets.[5]


Two XEV9s are mounted on the underside of Sahara-class heavy prowlers like the UNSC Aladdin.[3][4] In 2553, UNSC Port Stanley used its XEV9-Matos against the Hudal-class auxiliary vessel Piety, firing multiple shots to keep the vessel unable to communicate while Kilo-Five boarded the ship.[2]

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