UNSC Port Stanley

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UNSC Port Stanley
Production information


Sahara-class heavy prowler[1][2]


Reconnaissance, electronic intelligence



281 meters[1]

Slipspace drive:

Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine (enhanced by Forerunner technology)



Service information

First seen:

January 27, 2553



Participated battles:

Shipboard AI:


Known commanders:

Rear Admiral Serin Osman


Office of Naval Intelligence


"She's got the latest Forerunner enhancements to her drives, so we can cover a lot of space fast."
Serin Osman describing the Port Stanley[4]

The UNSC Port Stanley (hull classification symbol PRO-46328) is a Sahara-class heavy prowler in service with the UNSC Navy, specifically the Office of Naval Intelligence, after the Human-Covenant War.[2] Captained by Serin Osman, the Port Stanley served as Kilo-Five's personal transport.[5]

Service history[edit]

First missions with Kilo-Five[edit]

Port Stanley's construction began in 2550.[1] It was used by Kilo-Five, an ONI black ops team under the command of Captain Serin Osman. The team also consisted of SPARTAN-II Naomi-010, three ODSTsStaff Sergeant Malcolm Geffen, Sergeant Lian Devereaux, and Corporal Vasily Beloi — and civilian linguist Professor Evan Phillips. The ship had no crew other than Kilo-Five and was mostly operated by AI Black-Box.[4]

Osman was given command of the ship, then stationed at Midpoint Anchorage, by the director of ONI, Admiral Margaret Parangosky, on January 27, 2553. Its slipspace drive was upgraded with reverse-engineered Forerunner technology, allowing the ship to travel through the alternate domain much faster than ordinary human drives.[4] Kilo-Five took Port Stanley to the Brunel system multiple times to exchange weapons with Avu Med 'Telcam, the leader of the Abiding Truth, on the glassed human colony of New Llanelli. At the second meeting, a survivor on the planet was found, Tom Muir. extracted from the planet and quarantined on Port Stanley until he could be transferred off.[6]

After a quick mission extracting Mike Spenser from Reynes, Osman went to aid the UNSC Ariadne that was damaged outside Venezia. However, Venezia's refusal to help Ariadne led to the ship's destruction before Port Stanley could reach it.[7] As the UNSC Monte Cassino searched for survivors, the Port Stanley remained in the system in case support was needed. The prowler began to monitor the planet to watch for activity. Later, Port Stanley transferred Muir and Spenser to the Monte Cassino before it left the system.[8] In February, the crew of Port Stanley had discovered that the Jiralhanae auxiliary ship Piety had captured a Huragok and was transporting it to the Servants of the Abiding Truth. Port Stanley intercepted the Piety and its crew boarded the auxiliary ship. After eliminating the Jiralhanae crew, Port Stanley took the Huragok, Requires Adjustment, aboard and framed Kig-Yar pirates as the attackers.[9]

Blooding Years[edit]

After losing contact with Professor Phillips on Sanghelios, the rest of Kilo-Five regrouped on Port Stanley and left for the Urs system to recover him.[10] Port Stanley arrived at Sanghelios in the midst of a Sangheili civil war. Osman had Devereaux fly Tart-Cart to Ontom amidst 'Telcam's assault on Vadam, whilst herself coordinating the operation from Port Stanley. While initially failing to locate Phillips in the temple, Kilo-Five eventually recovered him from the Nes'alun keep in Acroli.[11]

The Huragok Leaks Repaired was assigned to the Port Stanley during the civil war.[12] Meanwhile, UNSC Infinity turned the tide over Sanghelios as it decimated the Abiding Truth's forces. As the battle began to turn against the Abiding Truth, Admiral Parangosky ordered Kilo-Five to maintain the imposed stalemate between the two Sangheili factions. With Osman aboard Port Stanley, Kilo-Five headed back down to Sanghelios aboard Tart-Cart and forced 'Telcam into the dropship. While Lord Hood and Infinity openly aided 'Vadam and defeated the attackers, with BB's help, Port Stanley posed as a Kig-Yar pirate ship. Disguised a shipmistress named "Lahz", Osman and BB covertly destroyed some of 'Vadam's ships under Admiral Parangosky's orders with Port Stanley, leaving the Arbiter with a Pyrrhic victory. After the battle, Port Stanley rendezvoused with Tart-Cart and dropped 'Telcam off at New Llanelli for his safety.[13]

After receiving a Mark IX Mantis ADS, the UNSC Port Stanley returned to Venezia to investigate the planet's black markets.[14]

Venezian movement[edit]

Upon arriving at Venezia, Vaz and Naomi were inserted on the planet disguised as UNSC deserters. Soon, they spotted Naomi's father and known Venezian terrorist Staffan Sentzke in the company of Sav Fel, the current possessor of Pious Inquisitor.[15] Shortly thereafter, Osman pulled Naomi out of the Venezian infiltration mission and substituted her with Mal as her family ties might compromise the mission. Port Stanley's objective became stopping Staffan from using the Inquisitor to attack Earth.[16]

When Vaz and Mal were not responding to Osman through their comm gear, she sent Requires Adjustment, Devereaux, and Naomi to Anchor 10 with Tart-Cart to retrieve a new dropship for Port Stanley, having it immediately upgraded with the same capabilities as Tart-Cart.[17] Meanwhile, Osman discovered that Mal and Vaz had been captured by the Venezian militia. Osman immediately tasked Naomi and Devereaux with the rescue mission. During the rescue mission, Osman provided tactical support from the Stanley.[18] After the rescue mission was a success, Kilo-Five regrouped on Port Stanley, with Staffan after Devereaux took him captive.[19] Aboard Port Stanley, Staffan was briefly interrogated and agreed to stop terrorizing Earth, as long as Naomi was given the chance to retire.[20]

Skirmish on Pious Inquisitor[edit]

Main article: Skirmish on Pious Inquisitor

With the help of Staffan, Port Stanley located the Inquisitor in the Qab system. Kilo-Five soon discovered that the battlecruiser was boarded by Kig-Yar, led by Chol Von, attempting to commandeer the ship for themselves.[21] The resident Huragok of the Pious Inquisitor, Sometimes Sinks, allowed Kilo-Five to board the ship with Staffan, while he locked the Kig-Yar in compartments throughout the vessel. While Mal, Vaz, Naomi, and Staffan boarded the Inquisitor, Osman remained on the Port Stanley to command the operation, while Phillips and Spenser worked Port Stanley's communications and Devereaux provided intel.[22]

After Von had her crew set the plasma torpedoes aboard the Inquisitor to explode, Port Stanley moved further away from the battlecruiser to prevent damages.[23] Soon, Kilo-Five returned to Port Stanley and Staffan and Sinks escaped in a modified Dextro Xur-pattern Spirit, while Von and her crew fled just before the Pious Inquisitor exploded.[24] With Pious Inquisitor destroyed and the Venezian threat seemingly neutralized for the time being, Port Stanley returned to Earth. After being debriefed, Kilo-Five took Port Stanley to Anchor 10 to drop off Spenser. After picking up a container of firearms meant for 'Telcam, Port Stanley traveled to Cascade so Kilo-Five could have a two-day shore leave before they delivered the weapons to 'Telcam.[25]

Design details[edit]

Full cover art of Halo: The Thursday War.
Naomi-010 stands on the observation deck.

The Huragok aboard the ship made several further modifications to the vessel, including improvements to its faster-than-light communications system. They also converted the floor of the ship's Foxtrot deck — as well as the corresponding portion of the exterior hull — into a transparent metal, turning the floor into an observation deck.[26]

Additional upgrades were made to the ship's sensors and holographic imaging suite based on Forerunner technology found on the shield world turned ONI research facility Trevelyan. By combining data from lidar, camera feeds and a plethora of other sensor equipment, a holotank on Port Stanley's bridge is capable of generating a highly accurate real-time three-dimensional image of a planet's surface down to street level, which can be manipulated at will. Extended-frequency mapping even allows the system to replicate building interiors.[27] The Navy's flagship, UNSC Infinity, is equipped with a similar system.[28]

Port Stanley was home to the specifically modified Pelican dropship Tart-Cart, piloted by Sergeant Devereaux and used as Kilo-Five's primary planetside transport. Another upgraded Pelican, Bogof, was attached to the ship in April 2553.


The crew of the UNSC Port Stanley consisted of the members of ONI's Kilo-Five. The vessel was commanded by Serin Osman, though most of the prowler's functions were controlled by Black-Box.[4] Over the course of Kilo-Five's travels, two Huragok; Requires Adjustment and Leaks Repaired, were added to the ship's complement to make modifications to the ship and keep it in proper condition.[29][12] Although he is not an actual member of the ship, Mike Spenser occasionally worked with Kilo-Five aboard the Stanley.[30]


Port Stanley is the capital of the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic, as well as a village in southern Ontario, Canada.

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