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Sometimes Sinks
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"Let me do my work. That is all I want to do."
— Sometimes Sinks

Sometimes Sinks, also known as Sinks, is a Huragok operating in the post-war era.[2]


Sometimes Sinks at one point served on board a Jiralhanae ship, but was exiled for noncompliance.[3] At some point after the Human-Covenant War, the Skirmisher Sav Fel and his crew found Sometimes Sinks in a wreck drifting in space and salvaged him.[4] By 2553 Sometimes Sinks was working on the CCS-class battlecruiser, Pious Inquisitor. During this time Sav Fel was attempting to sell the ship to Staffan Sentzke. Sav threw in the Huragok as an alternative to an AI, while Staffan wasn't sure of Sav's motives. When the ship arrived at its destination, Shaps III, Sometimes Sinks told Sav Fel that he couldn't use the ship's energy projectors since there were Forerunner artifacts on the surface. Sav decided to put the Huragok in the brig while they tested the energy projectors, although he was worried that the Huragok might reconfigure the locks.[5] When Sav Fel activated the ship's energy projector, Sometimes Sinks accessed the ship's broadcast system and began wailing, upset that they were destroying the Forerunner artifacts on the planet. Sav Fel sent Dhak to go quiet the Huragok. After the firing was complete, Sinks drifted back unto the bridge distressed about them damaging the ruins. When Sentzke decided to test the beam himself, Sinks hovered at his side and began making pleading noises. Not wanting to upset the huragok, Sentzke allowed Sinks to aim the beam elsewhere to avoid damaging any more ruins and then proceeded to glass a portion of the planet.[6] Satisfied with the ship, Sentzke completed the deal with Fel and kept Sinks as the ship's chief engineer. Grateful of Sentzke's consideration for Forerunner artifacts, Sinks deemed him as a true reclaimer.[7]

Staffan kept up regular communication with the ship, checking in on Sinks every eight hours. Later on, Staffan and Edvin introduced Sinks to Mal Geffen and Vasily Beloi, who were secretly undercover and had been brought onboard the ship because of their experience with operating Covenant technology. Kilo-Five later attempted to seize control of the ship by using Venezia's slipspace communicator to breach the ship's computer systems. However, Black-Box's hack was foiled by Sinks, who alerted Sentzke of the attempted intrusion.[8]

Shortly after, Sentzke was taken in by Kilo-Five and missed his calls with Sinks. At this time, a Kig-Yar pirate crew contracted by Avu Med 'Telcam located the Pious Inquisitor. Shipmistress Chol Von and her crew boarded the ship and attempted to take it for themselves. Sinks, distrustful of the Kig-Yar and only compliant to Sentzke's orders, placed the ship in complete lockdown and transitioned it over Venezia.

After Kilo-Five located the ship, Sentzke convinced Sinks to allow them to come onboard. When the Kig-Yar set the ship to self-destruct, Sinks told them to evacuate immediately while he and BB worked to restore enough control to get everyone out.[9] Sentzke took a Spirit dropship and remained in close proximity of the battlecruiser until his daughter had escaped aboard one of the ONI dropships; unbeknown to Kilo-Five, Sinks had fitted the Spirit with a slipspace drive, which would allow them to make it to a minimum safe distance even though the dropship's conventional engines could not. It was assumed by Kilo-Five and ONI that both Sentzke and Sinks - who had refused to leave the ship - died in the ship's explosion. In reality, Sinks had made it off Pious Inquisitor and unto the Spirit at the last moment, escaping with Sentzke.[10]

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