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Unified Earth Government


Reynes was a former mining colony and later a United Nations Space Command listening outpost[2] in the Kezu system.[1]


Topography and ecology[edit]

Reynes had saltwater seas. Colossal sea creatures were also found the planet. The ones that were beached, left rotting corpses.[3]

Known residents[edit]


Rise of humanity[edit]

Reynes was settled in 2469.[1] At some point during the Insurrection miners on the planet striked and protested against the Unified Earth Government.[3]

Human-Covenant War[edit]

At some point prior to the victory at the Harvest campaign, the planet was glassed by the Covenant. Many of the miners became refugees elsewhere.[3]


In January 2553, it was used as a temporary listening station, operated by Mike Spenser, until he was exfiltrated. He stayed underground in the mines of the colony, which had remained largely intact after the glassing. A group of Kig-Yar would occasionally scavenge the colony for tantalum, and at least one of them was capable of communicating with Spenser. These Kig-Yar served as informants for Spenser. A lone Unggoy would also arrive to clean Spenser's base in the mines.

While Malcolm Geffen and Vasily Beloi were evacuating Spenser, a group of Kig-Yar pirates moved in on their Pelican, wanting to take it for themselves. After several disagreements, the situation escalated into a firefight in which all Kig-Yar were killed, and Mal received a dent in his helmet from a Gadulo-pattern needle rifle round.[4]

In April 2553, another group of Kig-Yar, including Chol Von's mate, Vek, travelled to Reynes to look for tantalum deposits.[5]



Before and during the Human-Covenant War, Reynes was used by the UNSC to mine aluminum, tantalum and copper.[6] Before the Covenant glassed the colony, there were about 50,000 miners working on the planet.

Production notes[edit]

There are a number of discrepancies surrounding when Reynes was attacked by the Covenant. In the Halo Encyclopedia (2022 edition), the planet is established as having been glassed in 2548.[1]. However, the Halo Waypoint Chronicle Halo: Fireside establishes that the attack on Reynes by the Covenant was the inciting incident for Morgan Kinsano to have joined the UNSC, some time prior to UNSC Spirit of Fire's disappearance in 2531. This would suggest that the planet was in fact attacked in the early stages of the war.

However, the initial Halo Waypoint blog that introduced Kinsano stated that "Though Kinsano’s world was spared in the initial Covenant invasion, the aliens took almost everything else from her: family, friends, and even old enemies."[7] - seemingly aligning with the date presented in the Encyclopedia. As such, it may be the case that Reynes suffered a similar fate to worlds such as Arcadia, and was attacked numerous times throughout the war before finally being decisively glassed in 2548.


Reynes is a town in southern France.

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