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Reynes was a former mining colony and later a United Nations Space Command listening outpost.[1] Before the Covenant glassed the colony, there were about 50,000 miners working on the planet.


Before and during the Human-Covenant War, Reynes was used by the UNSC to mine aluminium, tantalum and copper.[2] In January 2553, it was used as a temporary listening station, operated by Mike Spenser, until he was exfiltrated. He stayed underground in the mines of the colony, which had remained largely intact after the glassing. A group of Kig-Yar would occasionally scavenge the colony for tantalum, and at least one of them was capable of communicating with Spenser. These Kig-Yar served as informants for Spenser. A lone Unggoy would also arrive to clean Spenser's base in the mines.

While Malcolm Geffen and Vasily Beloi were evacuating Spenser, a group of Kig-Yar pirates moved in on their Pelican, wanting to take it for themselves. After several disagreements, the situation escalated into a firefight in which all Kig-Yar were killed, and Mal received a dent in his helmet from a Type-31 needle rifle round.[3]

In April 2553, another group of Kig-Yar, including Chol Von's mate, Vek, travelled to Reynes to look for tantalum deposits.[4]


Reynes is a town in southern France.

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