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Edited the page Halo: The Fall of Reach
"Fixed a few of my own erroneous suppositions regarding the summaries."
Edited the page Charon-class light frigate
"Added back mention that the M870s were in a dual-mount configuration in..."
Edited the page M870 Rampart point defense gun
"Added a bunch of Warfleet info and a couple more sources, hopefully clar..."
Edited the page Charon-class light frigate
"Added a source to the armour statistic (pending change once I look into..."
Edited the page Halo: The Fall of Reach
"Added Polish cover at CIA's request (don't be mad at me if I've done a b..."
Edited the page Marathon-class heavy cruiser
"Oops, added a link just in case the reader doesn't know what Marines are~"
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The opening stages of the Battle of Earth in Halo 2 - first three levels, fighting the Covenant as part of an organised UNSC war machine in tightly-designed levels with awesome engagements. Seeing the Paris-class come down and rain death on the Covenant during Tip of the Spear in Reach is a close second.

Worst Halo moment

Halo? Worst? These two words do not fit together :P

Anything else

Pfft, dunno. I'll think of somethin'.

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