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Ghost Flight


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Four Razor-class prowlers[1]



Lieutenant Commander Hector Nyeto[1]


Ghost Flight was a flight of four Razor-class prowlers attached to the UNSC Navy's Task Force Yama. Then-Lieutenant Commander Hector Nyeto commanded the flight from the UNSC Ghost Song, which served as his flagship.[1] In 2526, Ghost Flight participated in Operation: SILENT STORM until Nyeto revealed his allegiance to the insurrectionist cause and defected, bringing three of the prowlers along with him.[2]


Rebel crew[edit]

After rising through the ranks of Office of Naval Intelligence's Prowler Corps, the insurrectionist spy Hector Nyeto slowly and quietly replaced the crew of all four of Ghost Flight's prowlers with men and women sympathetic to the rebel cause. It is estimated that Nyeto accomplished this over the course of many years, or even decades.[2]

In early March 2526, at least one of these prowlers participated in the Spartan-IIs' mission to board and capture Radiant Arrow, a Covenant frigate in orbit over Netherop. During the operation, one of Nyeto's sensor operators deliberately transmitted over an open communications channel in an effort to get the three teams of Spartans killed. While this ultimately resulted in the self-destruction of the frigate, each of the Spartans managed to escape.[3]

Skirmish on Seoba[edit]

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After the initiation of Operation: SILENT STORM, Ghost Flight traveled with the rest of Task Force Yama to Seoba with the intent of capturing an abandoned ice quarry to use it as a staging ground for their assault on the approaching Covenant fleet.[4][1] Upon arriving at the icy moon on March 18, Colonel Marmon Crowther of the 21st Space Assault Battalion decided to have the ODSTs and Spartans practice mass deployment from these four prowlers. However, Operation: ICE DANCE soon erupted into an actual battlefield when insurrectionists were discovered to be entrenched in the quarry.[1] Ghost Flight provided air support and dropped off additional ODSTs throughout the course of the battle, even disabling the insurgents' communications relay at the top of the quarry. They kept up this support until the prowlers began to run low on ordnance and the UNSC Ghost Star was shot down by an insurrectionist convoy of Civets armed with missile launchers that was making their way up and out of the quarry to repair the relay. At this point, Nyeto ordered his three remaining ships to pull back.[5]

However, when Blue Team executed their plan to cut off the convoy and destroy by traveling up the quarry's derelict mass driver, Lieutenant Nelly Hamm and Hector Nyeto used the distraction to safely drop more ODSTs at the top of the quarry. These Black Daggers were able to destroy the convoy and then plant explosives on the relay to put it out of commission for good. With Ghost Flight now safe from the rebels and Black Daggers occupying much of the quarry, the battle soon ended in favor of Task Force Yama.[6]

Covenant attack[edit]

As Hector Nyeto attended a meeting in the quarry on March 19, a flotilla of five Covenant intrusion corvettes arrived in-system and set course for Seoba.[7] Ghost Flight and the rest of the task force sprung into action, launching from the moon's surface to meet the incoming warships and hopefully deliver squads of Black Daggers via boarding actions.[8] When Nyeto boarded the UNSC Ghost Song, Colonel Crowther went with him so he could direct the ODSTs' actions from within the midst of battle.[9] Shortly after launching, Captain Halima Ascot's ship, the UNSC Starry Night, was shot down.[8] John-117 took his fellow Spartans to search for the prowler's crash site, requesting support from Nyeto's Ghost Flight when they discovered an intrusion corvette attempting to recover the Starry Night, with more corvettes inbound.[10] Once again trying to get the Spartans killed, Nyeto promised support but stalled for eight minutes straight before finally sending his prowlers in.[9] In their strafing run, Ghost Flight managed to destroy two intrusion corvettes and chase off a third. While some of the Spartans were injured, they all survived the battle and successfully denied the Covenant access to the data within the Starry Night's computers.[11]

A day later, the bodies of the Ghost Star's crew had been cremated and placed into interment capsules in the UNSC Vanishing Point's command hangar. With a large honor company in attendance, a funeral service was held to honor the fallen. After a chaplain gave an emotional speech, Lieutenant Commander Nyeto—now the de facto commander of Task Force Yama after Ascot's death—delivered a Committal and had the hangar's exterior hatch opened to allow the capsules to drift into space.[9]


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