UNSC Ghost Star

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UNSC Ghost Star
Production information


Razor-class prowler


  • Black ops deployment
  • Strike missions

Slipspace drive:

Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine


Titanium-A battle plate



Service information


March 18, 2526[1]


Task Force Yama


Office of Naval Intelligence


The UNSC Ghost Star was a Razor-class prowler assigned to Ghost Flight of Task Force Yama. It served during the United Nations Space Command's Operation: SILENT STORM in early 2526.[1] Its crew was composed of insurrectionist agents hand-picked by Hector Nyeto.[2] Ultimately, the Ghost Star would be destroyed by rebel forces during Operation: ICE DANCE.[1][4]

Service history[edit]

Ghost Flight[edit]

The UNSC Ghost Star was built to be part of Ghost Flight, a flight of four Razor-class prowlers within the Office of Naval Intelligence's Prowler Corps.[1] At some point during the Insurrection, Lieutenant Commander Hector Nyeto became the commander of Ghost Flight and slowly replaced the crew of each vessel with personnel sympathetic to the insurrectionist cause.[5] When Vice Admirals Preston Cole and Michael Stanforth initiated Operation: SILENT STORM in March 2526, Ghost Star and the other prowlers of Ghost Flight were selected to join Task Force Yama for the duration of the mission. The task force soon left for Seoba, a moon of Biko, where they would wait for the Covenant fleet arrive.[6]


Main article: Operation: ICE DANCE

Upon arriving in the Kolaqoa system on March 18, Colonel Marmon Crowther of the 21st Space Assault Battalion decided that his ODSTs and the Spartans that would be assisting in the operation should practice a mass deployment into the ice quarry where Task Force Yama would be hiding. Ghost Flight was selected to deploy the Black Daggers and Blue Team, with each prowler carrying forty ODSTs and one Spartan. However, as the flight approached the moon, insurrectionist forces were detected in the quarry, preparing to overthrow Biko's chancellor. Despite this, Crowther decided to go forward with Operation: ICE DANCE and clear out the quarry.[3]

During the ensuing battle, Ghost Flight managed to cripple the insurgents' communications relay at the top of the quarry. Ghost Star and the three other prowlers continued dropping off their infantry complement while supporting those already on the ground with their 30mm autocannons and M28 Shrieker missiles. As it attempted to destroy a convoy of rebel Civets climbing up the quarry to repair the relay, the Ghost Star was shot down, forcing Nyeto to pull the rest of Ghost Flight out until the convoy was either destroyed or distracted.[1] All twenty-two of the Ghost Star's crew perished in the crash.[2]


The day after, a Covenant flotilla arrived at Seoba,[7] causing even more casualties.[8] On March 20, a funeral service was held on the UNSC Vanishing Point to honor the UNSC personnel who had died over the course of the previous two days. The remains of the Ghost Star's crew had been cremated and placed into twenty-two duraplas interment capsules. The ceremony was held in the Vanishing Point's command hangar, with a total of two-hundred-and-three capsules resting by the outer hatch. After a eulogy from a chaplain, Lieutenant Commander Nyeto—now the de facto leader of Task Force Yama after Captain Halima Ascot's death—delivered a committal speech as the capsules were jettisoned into space.[2]

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