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Production information


AMG Transport Dynamics[1]

Technical specifications


One multiple rocket launcher[2]






"Ma'am, there's a convoy of seven tracked Civets climbing toward the disabled comm center at the top of the mountain. They have repair equipment, a security force of at least platoon strength, and heavy weapons—including at least one vehicle-mounted multiple rocket launcher."
John-117 gives a sitrep to Lieutenant Nelly Hamm.[2]

The Civet is a military all-terrain vehicle that was used by the CAA's Colonial Military Authority.[1]


Design details[edit]

Civets are hulking, tracked all-terrain vehicles that can be fitted with cargo boxes or cargo beds.[2][3] As such, they are capable of ferrying troops and supplies across terrain that might not be traversable by other transports. A Civet may also have a multiple rocket launcher on it. The ATVs are powered by combustible fuel.[3]

Operational history[edit]

Manufactured by AMG Transport Dynamics, Civets were the second most common military ATV in CMA service by 2329, being only superseded by the M12 Warthog.[1] On March 18, 2526, a convoy of Civets was employed by the Biko Independence Army and other insurrectionists on Seoba, Biko's third moon during an attack by the United Nations Space Command.[2]

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