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XRP12 Combat Support Vehicle
Production information


Materials Group[1]

Technical specifications


9.5 meters (31.1 ft)[1][2]


4.8 meters (15.6 ft)[1][2]


7.3 meters (23.8 ft)[1]


5.7 metric tons (5.6 LT; 6.3 ST)[1]


1 X23 Non-Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse Cannon[1][2]


  • 1 operator + 5 crew[2]

In service:

Human-Covenant War
Post-Covenant War conflicts


  • Combat support vehicle
  • Electronic warfare[3]




The XRP12 Combat Support Vehicle (CSV), commonly known as the Gremlin, is an electronic warfare truck used by the United Nations Space Command.[1][3] It is used to hamper, interfere with, and disable enemy electronics in support of offensive operations.[2][4]


Design details[edit]

Like the SP42 Cobra, the Gremlin features a six-wheel drive system, with two at the front and the other four toward the rear, which allow the vehicle a considerable degree of speed and maneuverability. The driver sits in the front of the vehicle; instead of having a window to see through, the Gremlin features a one-way screen similar to the MJOLNIR armor's faceplate. The weaponry is mounted on top of the vehicle, allowing it to target and fire more easily. The XRP12 features no true armament, as it is equipped with only the X23 NNEMP cannon; thus, the Gremlin must be well protected by other forces.[2] The X23's low rate-of-fire means that it has also been designed to incorporate an in-line heavy laser that can fire between EMP pulses.[1]

The vehicle is crewed by one driver and five other operators.[2] These include two gunners and three systems technicians.[1]

Development history[edit]

The underlying technology of the Gremlin was designed during the early years of the Insurrection as a test bed for non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse technology, in the hope that it could be used to prevent weapons of mass destruction from being detonated. Though this technology was not new, it had never been functionally harnessed with such a great deal of precision.[2] Following the glassing of Harvest and the outbreak of the Human-Covenant War, the X23 Non-Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse Cannon was fully-developed with the intent of disrupting Covenant power generators and relaying stations, though it was rapidly discovered that the weaponry excelled in disabling enemy vehicles - resulting in the creation of the Gremlin CSV.[5]

Operational history[edit]

Due to their cost and lack of mobile defence, the Gremlin was rarely used in battle.[6] Gremlins were active by at least 2531, with the UNSC Spirit of Fire stocking several around the time of the Harvest campaign. They were notably employed by the Spirit during the Battle of Trove, during which the ship deployed up to four such vehicles to use their EMP weaponry to disrupt several Forerunner devices on the shield world from dragging the Spirit of Fire down into the ground. The Gremlins were successful in delaying the ship's descent, allowing the Spirit to evacuate friendly forces from the surface.[7]

By the time of the Second Ark Conflict in 2559, the Spirit of Fire had at least a few Gremlins still operational and had deployed them in the back-lines of their conflict with the Banished alongside several Elephant recovery vehicles.[3]


In the campaign, the Gremlin is used to weaken the tractor beams in the level Shield World. It is later available during the level Repairs to be used to defend the UNSC Spirit of Fire's hull from Covenant boarders as Cyclopes repair the ship's power core.

In skirmish and multiplayer, the Gremlin serves as Professor Ellen Anders' unique unit and is produced at the firebase. Although the Gremlin's weapon initially has minimal effect against infantry units, it can become fairly dangerous against infantry when the Focus Lens upgrade is researched. Strangely, the Gremlin's EMP weapon is reasonably effective against Flood units and structures. It serves as an excellent anti-vehicle unit, as its EMP attack can prevent target vehicles from firing for certain periods of time and allowing other units to do extreme amount of damage with minimal threat of counterattack. In combination with the Cobra, these vehicles work very well together against all armored threats. However, while the Gremlin is an excellent deterrent to enemy vehicles, its almost non-existent armour makes almost any retaliation from enemy vehicles devestating; therefore, more well-protected units should be present to take the fire off of the Gremlin as it does its job. It also lacks any sort of air attack, making anti-air cover also essential in most cases.

Cost and upgrades[edit]

Resources: Resources 200
Minimum Tech Level: Tech level 2
Population Count: Population 1

  • Focusing Lens: Enhances laser attack's range and damage. 200 resources and tech level of three.
  • Chain Amplifier: EMP special ability can now hit up to three targets. 450 resources and tech level of four.


  • The "Gremlin" moniker is a reference to the folkloric creature of the same name, which aviators sometimes jokingly claim cause mechanical problems in aircraft, which is ironic, as in gameplay the Gremlin cannot attack aircraft.


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