Siege bike

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Siege bike
The Mega Construx siege bike.
The Mega Construx siege bike.
Production information


REAP-X department[1][2]

Technical specifications

Maximum speed:

145 kilometers per hour (90 mph)[3]


1 M268 heavy machine gun[3]


1 driver[3]





Office of Naval Intelligence[3][2]


The siege bike is an experimental all-terrain, single-traction tread vehicle designed by the Office of Naval Intelligence's REAP-X department to target well-fortified enemy strongholds and barricades.[3][2]


Design details[edit]

The siege bike is equipped with a single side-mounted M268 heavy machine gun equipped with spectrum-enhanced visual tracking functionality. The vehicle is built around a heavy-grade, single-traction tread that allows the bike to be useable in all terrains and achieve speeds of up to 145 kilometres per hour (90 mph),[3] and it is known to be highly maneuverable.[2] The bike is only capable of carrying one operator, who rides atop the vehicle.[3]


The siege bike is one of several experimental vehicles developed by the Office of Naval Intelligence's Reverse Engineering and Prototyping–Xenotechnology department,[2] a subdivision of the agency that focuses on the research, analysis, and reapplication of alien technology.[4] The vehicle's impressive weight-responsive maneuverability is a product of reverse-engineered gravitic modules discovered in a Covenant ship debris field.[2]


Still in the experimental phase of production, the siege bike is explicitly designed to soften enemy fortifications and create breaches that can then be exploited by other groundside forces.[2]



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