H9 mid-capacity hauler

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H9 mid-capacity hauler
A cropped screenshot of the H9 mid-capacity hauler on the Winter Contingency level in Halo: Reach.
An H9 mid-capacity hauler with trailer attachment.
Production information


Technical specifications


One driver, one passenger



Cargo transport, tow and recovery, maintenance, salvage, and munitions handling[1]



The H9 mid-capacity hauler is a military-styled truck manufactured by AMG Transport Dynamics for use by the United Nations Space Command.[1][2] It was introduced late in the Human-Covenant War to be used for cargo transport, as well as a number of other tasks.[1]


Design details[edit]

The H9 mid-capacity hauler is a six wheeled truck featuring a cab with space for at least two occupants, a driver on the left and a passenger on the right. The cab features bars on its windows to reinforce them from being broken.[3][2] Behind the cab is a short bed that can be used to transport various cargo or to incorporate an attachment point for a trailer.[3][2]


  • ONI Van - A version of the H9 with an attached rear compartment.

Development and operational history[edit]

The H9 mid-capacity hauler was developed by AMG Transport Dynamics late in the Human-Covenant War. It was designed to tackle an expansive and diverse variety of tasks, including cargo transportation, towing and recovery functions, maintenance, salvage, and munition handling missions. To facilitate this, the H9 is available with modular accessory kits and in-cab automation tools.[1] The automotive company known as CSG was involved in the creation of at least some H9 haulers.[2]

H9 mid-capacity haulers saw use with the United Nations Space Command armed forces on Reach during the war, with at least two utilized at the Visegrád Relay in 2552. These trucks were labeled "M-100627," which is possibly a serial number or a designation for a certain variant of the vehicle.[2]

Following the end of the war, H9 mid-capacity haulers would continue to see service within the UNSC. Several would be used for cargo transportation at Sabre Launchsite 2A on an unknown human colony.[3]


The H9 mid-capacity hauler is an unusable scenery object in the Halo: Reach level Winter Contingency and on the Halo Infinite multiplayer map Launch Site. A drivable variant of the H9 called the ONI Van was made available for the Forge in the Halo: The Master Chief Collection version of the game.


On the driver's side door of the H9 in Halo: Reach, there are four small Unggoy silhouettes, likely intended to be victory marks. This implies that the driver of the truck killed four Unggoy with the truck.


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