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October 8, 2019

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About me

I’m just a Halo nerd with a good eye for missing info and grammar errors. Give me a shout if you see anything that needs work. Feet first into hell, Helljumpers!

Hobbies & interests

Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Ready Player One, Avatar, etc The Last Ship, NCIS, Halo (when that comes out) and Gotham Power metal and classic rock; bands like powerwolf, sabaton, etc. Military science fiction (i.e. warhammer and halo) HALO!!! Also Fallout and Just Cause, on Xbox. On oculus quest I play Robo Recall and Gun Club VR MAD, Guns and Bullets Yes Diet Coke

Favorite Halo moment

Sir- to give the Covenant back their bomb. - Master Chief (I don’t think an explanation is necessary)

Worst Halo moment

The highly anticlimactic Chief-Locke fight scene

Anything else

-Carter is best Spartan. Change my mind. -Gray is best fireteam. Far superior to Blue, Red, or any others. Except possibly Omega. - Service number 98587-32521-CF

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Yeah I know It has been rough


How about those unfinished medal pages?


Here are more I forgot Big Gun Runner • Cluster Luck • Fastball • Buckle Up • Snipeltaneous, Top Gun • Power Player• Phaeton Assist • Phantom Destroyed • Phantom Assist • Wasp Destroyed • Wasp Assist• Stopped Short • Stronghold Capture Assist • Lockdown • Capture Spree • Total Control Medal •Blind Side • Superfecta • Trifecta • Perfecta • Duelist • Immortal • Extinction • Fast Break • Buzzer Beater • Triple Threat (All Halo 5 Medals)


Also flag and infection medals.


Here is the list longshot,Ground pound,reversal,starkiller,noob combo,cliffhanger,Sayonara,Gunpunch,Snipunch,Deadshot,Spray and Pray,Hard Target,all of the breakout medals, some warzone medals and a lot more