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Ty Cavagnol


Springfield, MO


January 22nd

About me

I love everything about halo. The games, the books,

everything. I like editing small things, and not making new pages, but nothing is impossible.
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"Yeah I know It has been rough"
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"How about those unfinished medal pages?"
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"Here are more I forgot Big Gun Runner • Cluster Luck • Fastball •..."
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"Also flag and infection medals."
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"Here is the list longshot,Ground pound,reversal,starkiller,noob combo,cl..."
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"ok, Thank you."
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Halo novels

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Halo, MCC

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Favorite Halo moment

Playing as the arbiter for the first time

Worst Halo moment

Halo 5, It doesn't need much explanation

Anything else

I have completed every halo game

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I'm so sorry! I've been so busy, what with the virus and all...


Can you send me a list of what medals do not have an attached article?


Of course! I will get on it, once life settles down a bit!


You can upload images using the Upload File link on the left hand side, though its best to use ones already on the site if they're available.