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Major Ojombo was a chaplain holding the rank of major in the UNSC Marine Corps. In early 2526, she was attached to Task Force Yama and stationed on the UNSC Vanishing Point.[1]


UNSC service[edit]

At some point prior to March 8, 2526, Ojombo enlisted in the UNSC Marine Corps as a military chaplain, eventually earning the rank of major.[1]

Task Force Yama[edit]

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When Task Force Yama was formed for Operation: SILENT STORM, Ojombo served as a chaplain on the UNSC Vanishing Point,[1] the task force's logistics-support vessel.[2] She would go along to their first destination: Seoba, the third moon of Biko. The task force was soon drawn in to battle with entrenched insurrectionists and later a Covenant flotilla.[3][4] By the time the fighting ended on March 19, two-hundred-and-three UNSC personnel had died, including the commander of the task force, Captain Halima Ascot.[1]

On March 20, Ojombo lead a funeral service for the deceased in the Vanishing Point's command hangar. As the interment capsules rested at the hangar's outer hatch and the honor company of over two-hundred officers and enlisted personnel looked on, she gave a speech about the honor of service and sacrifice with "sorrow-filled" eyes. When she had concluded, Ojombo turned to Lieutenant Commander Hector Nyeto—the de facto commander of the task force after Ascot's sudden death—for him to lead the Committal. Sensing that Nyeto was not comfortable with his new-found duties, she told him to take his time as moment of silence would be appropriate before committing the fallen to the stars. Nyeto thanked her for the hint, saying that he would miss them "so damn much." After he ordered the outer hatch to be opened so that the interment capsules could float into space, he recited his Committal. Once this was done, the hatch was closed and Nyeto dismissed the honor company, including Ojombo.[1]

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