UNSC Night Watch

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UNSC Night Watch
Production information


Razor-class prowler[1]



Fusion drives[1]


Refractive coating



Service information


June 7, 2526[3]

Known commanders:

Lieutenant Commander Amalea Petrov




UNSC Night Watch is a Razor-class prowler[1] initially attached to Watch Flight of Task Force Yama.[4] It later became Spartan-II Blue Team's mobile base.[5]

Service history[edit]

The Night Watch was the sole surviving prowler of Watch Flight. After the UNSC Ghost Star was destroyed at the Battle of Seoba, the Night Watch was assigned its position in Ghost Flight.[4]

The Night Watch picked up Blue Team during the Battle of Mesra, although due to the Spartan's late arrival, the prowler had to leave by using the evacuation craft as cover.[2] During Operation: OBLIVION, the Night Watch attempted to insert itself without taking the time to scan for Covenant stealth ships. Despite launching its two Pelicans as decoys, it was shot down roughly 60 kilometers from where it intended to land.[1] After it was abandoned, a Covenant recovery group attempted to salvage it, although it was quickly destroyed when Amalea Petrov detonated its Fury tactical nuclear weapon.[3]


The vessel's name is likely a reference to The Night Watch, a famous painting by Rembrandt.

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