UNSC Ghost Song

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UNSC Ghost Song
Production information


Razor-class prowler


Slipspace drive:

Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine


Titanium-A armor



Service information

Participated battles:


Task Force Yama (formerly)

Known commanders:

Lieutenant Commander Hector Nyeto



The UNSC Ghost Song is a Razor-class prowler that was part of the UNSC Navy's Task Force Yama during Operation: SILENT STORM in 2526. Part of Ghost Flight, the vessel served as Lieutenant Commander Hector Nyeto's flagship.[3] It was among the three prowlers successfully stolen by Nyeto when he revealed his secret insurrectionist ties.[4]

Operational history[edit]

Main article: Operation: SILENT STORM

On March 18, 2526, the Ghost Song approached an ice quarry on Seoba—the third moon of Biko—with a drop bay packed with the full First Platoon of the Black Daggers, Spartan-II John-117, and Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson. Initially, this mission had been formulated to train the ODSTs and Spartans for rapid deployment. However, insurrectionist activity had been detected in the quarry. By the order of Colonel Marmon Crowther, the prowlers continued their deployment runs with the intent to take the quarry for themselves as they prepared to ambush the Covenant, who were believed to be targeting Biko next.[3]

As the first four ODSTs dove through the jump hatch, they were instantly torn to shreds by the armor-piercing rounds spewed from multiple M41 Vulcan emplacements. The next team of four ODSTs did not hesitate as they jumped next, and were similarly turned to bloody ribbons. Lieutenant Nelly Hamm, the platoon leader, ordered her men to abort the jump as John moved forward to peer out of the hatch at their assailants below. After a brief discussion on what to do next, John took the initiative and jumped from the prowler with his rocket launcher in hand, ignoring Hamm's protests. After Blue Team softened up the insurgents' weapon emplacements, the Ghost Song and the rest of Ghost Flight's prowlers performed strafing runs on the defenders and dropped more of the Black Daggers until they were low on ammunition and the UNSC Ghost Star was shot down.[1]

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