295 Harken Watch

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295 Harken Watch
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February 25, 2531[1]

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Caretaker of Trove


295 Harken Watch was an ancilla constructed by the Forerunners, and the monitor assigned as the caretaker of the shield installation Trove.[2]


Forerunner-Flood War[edit]

295 Harken Watch was activated sometime prior to the end of the Forerunner-Flood war, and was present on Trove when the world was attacked by Flood forces. During the conflict, the shield world's surface was overrun and the monitor damaged. In response to this, 295 Harken Watch attempted to escape to the shield world's interior, with the retreat covered by three Prometheans - Animus-To-Remain, Habit-To-Sever and Malice-Begets-Demise. All three died to cover Harken Watch's escape, allowing the monitor to successfully seal off the shield world and prevent the Flood from gaining entry.[2]


During the Human-Covenant War, Trove was obliterated in a short battle by human forces of UNSC Spirit of Fire. 295 Harken Watch was destroyed in this explosion, though fragments did survive. In 2557, a fragment of Harken Watch was recovered by the crew of the salvager ship Ace of Spades and partially-restored. The fragment, nicknamed "Little Bit", was adopted by the crew of Ace of Spades as the resident shipboard AI.[3] Although Little Bit was eventually taken by ONI,[4] 343 Guilty Spark, the former Monitor of Installation 04, was able to extract a copy of the AI from some data that it had generated and more properly repair Little Bit to be the ship's AI. Spark suspected that Little Bit's strange behavior may have come from the trauma of trying desperately to escape from his dying world.[5]

Production notes[edit]

During the Halo Wars level Cleansing, an unidentified AI voice can be heard in the mission directing the efforts of the cleansing rings and Sentinels. It is unknown whether this voice represents the voice of 295 Harken Watch, or another sub-monitor or intelligence assigned to Trove.

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