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This ancilla served the Forerunner Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting, and was responsible for directing him to the dormant Didact in stasis within his Cryptum.


A thousand years before she entered Bornstellar's service, the ancilla had worked for the Librarian. After aiding for a time, the ancilla's memory was wiped and she was turned over to a clan of Miners. After a thousand years of service on Edom, the ancilla was given to an apprentice Manipular named Bornstellar.[1] The ancilla served with him for three years, educating him about the past and giving him access to old records. Then one day during a hike up Olympus Mons, the ancilla's memory wipe was undone. She revealed to Bornstellar about her past service to the Librarian and that there was a great treasure on the neighboring planet Erde-Tyrene.[2]

With the ancilla's help, Bornstellar snuck aboard a supply craft from Edom to Erde-Tyrene, and hired two guides to the treasure in the Djamonkin Crater. As they approached the field of merse, though, Bornstellar was told he would have to discard his personal armor, as it was irritating the merse.[3] Bornstellar reluctantly left his armor and the ancilla behind in the boat, and was unable to retrieve it before he left the planet with the Didact. He was later given a different ancilla aboard the Didact's ship, who could not make a connection with his previous one.[4] After the loss of that AI to AI suppressors during the Battle of Janjur Qom, Bornstellar received yet another ancilla from a yacht shared by Bornstellar's family and five other Builder clans. This one was neuter and simple and was described as a shallow parody of the ancilla supplied by the Librarian, making Bornstellar miss his old ancilla due to the simpleness of his new one.[5]

When Bornstellar was called to the Capital for the trial of the Master Builder, he was unexpectedly reunited with his old ancilla, apparently retrieved from Erde-Tyrene.[6] In between then she had been cut off from command by the Didact or Librarian, and could now serve Bornstellar without any hidden motives. In conjunction with the Didact's growing imprint within Bornstellar, she aided in him and several other Forerunners in escaping the Capital during its attack by Mendicant Bias.[7]

The ancilla continued to serve Bornstellar, now the IsoDidact, during the Forerunner-Flood war until she faded in a later battle, leaving him only with half-forgotten memories to recall the advance of his transformation.[8]

Personality and traits[edit]

Bornstellar's ancilla was unlike others in that she was very forthright with him, not hiding information and giving him access to what usually would have been restricted. She was a frequent source of education to him in the history of the Forerunners and humans. However, she was not immune entirely to secret keeping, and was used by the Librarian to get Bornstellar to reawaken her husband, under the pretense of seeking treasure.

Being a Lifeworker's ancilla, she was much more advanced than the ones a Manipular would usually receive. The ancilla was described as a small blue woman, suggesting her design may have influenced the geas by the Librarian that led to the creation of Cortana.[9]

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