Battle of Janjur Qom

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Human-Forerunner wars


Forerunner-Flood war

Battle of Janjur Qom


San'Shyuum rebellion


Several years prior to 97,445 BCE


Janjur Qom


Builder Security victory

Master Builder Faber

Sustaining Wind and elders

The Didact


Various hidden weapons caches

1 planet-breaker (Didact's ship)


Little to none

1 planet-breaker


The Battle of Janjur Qom was a short battle fought on the San'Shyuum homeworld Janjur Qom when the inhabitants of the planet rebelled against the Forerunner forces enforcing the quarantine of the planet.[1]


Days before the rebellion, the Librarian had briefly visited Janjur Qom to collect specimens to protect them from the impending Flood attack. This visit sparked unrest among the San'Shyuum, who correctly surmised that the Librarian's visit could only mean that their lives were in jeopardy.

The battle[edit]

The San'Shyuum soon began a full rebellion, using a cache of hidden weapons and ships to make war on the Forerunners. The Forerunners, Builder Security forces under the leadership of Master Builder Faber, used hundreds of seeker and Diversion-class war machines against the San'Shyuum.[1] A Forerunner fleet was permitted entry into the quarantine shield with full functionality and power, soon overwhelming the San'Shyuum defenses and taking control of the planet. A Halo ring was then unexpectedly brought in and used to sterilize the planet on the Master Builder's orders.


The battle devastated the surface of Janjur Qom, destroying most of the planet.

During the battle, the Master Builder's forces interdicted and destroyed the Didact's ship in orbit; as a result, the Didact, Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting, Chakas, and Riser were captured by the Master Builder. The Didact was interrogated and was believed to have been executed shortly after the conclusion of the battle,[2] while Bornstellar was sent back to his family. Chakas and Riser were placed in captivity and were to be delivered to Installation 07 to have their ancestral memory imprints extracted.[3]

After the battle, Faber was tried before the Capital Court for misconduct and violation of the Mantle due to his unsanctioned use of a Halo ring, a weapon intended as a final resort, to suppress a mere rebellion.[4]

The battle would be remembered by the San'Shyuum as late as 850 BCE. Regions on Janjur Qom remained rocky and barren due to the planet's devastation that occurred during the battle. The San'Shyuum believed that these regions were the mark of the Forerunners' wrath. Mken 'Scre'ah'ben had discovered an ancient San'Shyuum document that referred to the ravage on Janjur Qom as punishment for the San'Shyuum's attempt to rebel against the "gods"—the Forerunners. Most San'Shyuum believed that it was only a myth used to instil fear into the defiant and to explain the barren regions of the planet.[5]

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