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The Capital Court was a Forerunner ecumene judicial institution located at the Capital. The Court was noted to be a place of great ceremony and ritual. The Court met in the Ecumene Council amphitheater. The councilors of the ecumene participated in the Court as a jury of sorts. The Court consisted of a panel of six judges led by the First Observer of the Court, who also served as the First Councilor of the ecumene. The Court's judges sat in the center of the Council amphitheater on a platform risen fifty meters above the ground, protected by a detail of monitors, Sentinels, and Council security. However, this protection was not traditional and only provided in times of great conflict.[1]

In times of great need, the Capital Court could assemble into the Supreme Mantle Court, such as during the trial of Faber.[2]

During the final years of the Forerunner-Flood war, the panel of judges consisted of two Builders, one Miner, one Lifeworker, and two Warrior-Servants.[1] Following the Battle of Janjur Qom, Master Builder Faber was tried before the Capital Court. However, his trial was interrupted by an assault on the Capital by Mendicant Bias.[3]

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