049 Abject Testament

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049 Abject Testament
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Biographical information

Began service:

c. 101,217 BCE




Orange illuminations with silver casing

Political and military information


Forerunner ecumene


Monitor of Installation 03

"We deserve to be forgotten."
— Abject Testament to 343 Guilty Spark on whether they would be remembered[1]

03-049 Abject Testament was the Forerunner monitor of Installation 03.[1]


Abject Testament, as well as the other six monitors, was present at the dispersion of the activation indexes prior to the firing of the Halo weapons near the end of the Forerunner-Flood war. When 343 Guilty Spark remarked on the inability to access the Domain and the loss of Forerunner history, Abject Testament was remembered to have said that they deserved to be forgotten, a statement which Spark was in tenuous agreement with.[1]

At some point after the firing of the Halo Array, Abject Testament ceased directing the installation's functions. It is unclear as to the circumstances, although tens of thousands of reports in Gamma Halo's archives filed by installation sub-monitors detailing the poor state of quarantine controls and lack of action on outstanding maintenance and research requests dating back at least twenty thousand years.[2]

By 2557, 049 Abject Testament was unresponsive to messages from 859 Static Carillon, the keeper of the Composer's Forge, who attempted to query Abject Testament about the recent reactivation of a service portal between the monitors' respective installations. 049's unresponsiveness caused 859 to travel to Installation 03 to investigate, where he encountered the Ur-Didact.[3] The current fate and whereabouts of 049 Abject Testament remain a mystery.[2]

Behind the scenes[edit]

  • Abject Testament was voiced by the famous voiceover artist Fred Tatasciore (uncredited), who also voiced the AI aboard Truth and Reconciliation in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary as well as some of the Jiralhanae in Halo 3.
  • Abject is an adjective that can mean miserable; forlorn; dejected[4], while testament means a proof, attestation; or tribute[5]. He is likely named this because of his opinion that the Forerunners ought to be forgotten, believing they left a miserable legacy. Furthermore, it follows the pattern of all Monitor names known so far, having an adjective describing guilt.

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