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Halo: Escalation Issue 9

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  Halo: Escalation Issue 9  


Dark Horse Comics

Publication date:

August 27, 2014


Brian Reed


  • Sergio Ariño (penciller)
  • Juan Castro (inker)
  • Michael Atiyeh (colorist)
  • Anthony Palumbo (cover artist)

Number of pages:

32 pages


Halo: Escalation Issue 9 was released on August 27, 2014 and is the ninth comic in the Halo: Escalation series.[1] It is the second part of the three-issue story arc "The Next 72 Hours" and features Blue Team tracking down the Didact immediately following the events of the Halo 4 campaign.

Official summary[edit]

In the days following the events of Halo 4, the Master Chief faced one of his greatest challenges. Halo® lead writer Brian Reed (Amazing Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel) takes the Master Chief from the fires of Halo 4 to the pages of Escalation in “The Next 72 Hours” Part 2!

Plot synopsis[edit]

On Installation 03, a day before the events of Issue 8, SPARTAN-II Black Team observes multiple inbound slipspace signatures. One of the objects crash-lands nearby and the Spartans move to examine it. Lying on the bottom of the impact crater is a giant, unconscious armored figure — unknown to Black, this is the Ur-Didact, who awakens shortly after and brutally kills the Spartans, declaring their presence "unacceptable". Meanwhile, a monitor appears from the Composer's Abyss, expressing its confusion over why Promethean constructs are present, and wishes to see the Halo's monitor. The monitor approaches the Didact — the latter's armor stained in Black Team's blood — and identifies itself as 859 Static Carillon, the caretaker of an installation called the Composer's Forge and the keeper of the Composers. Static Carillon explains that it came to Gamma Halo to investigate the reactivation of a service portal. The Didact then asks the monitor to take him to the Composer's Forge.

Continuing from the conclusion of the previous issue, Blue Team arrive in a seemingly empty Forerunner city, having made their way through the portal within the Composer's Abyss. They move further into the city and soon discover six Composers, just before the Didact appears behind the Spartans. Holding an activation index, the Promethean leader tells Blue Team that they have arrived at the Composer's Forge. Blue Team open fire, to no avail; the Didact stomps the ground, generating a shockwave that causes the Spartans to stumble. The Didact promptly summons more of his Promethean constructs and a frantic firefight breaks out.

859 Static Carillon arrives on the scene and begins to complain about the Didact violating their agreement in having created more of the Promethean Knights. The Didact simply tells the monitor that the Prometheans will be sent to Requiem shortly; as the monitor persists in its complaints, the Didact angrily grabs Static Carillon and urges it to fulfill its part of their bargain. The monitor obliges, and Installation 03 emerges from slipspace in the sky overhead. Satisfied, the Didact procures one of the Composers and states that he will repair the ring, which has allegedly been damaged by humans. Static Carillon tells the Spartans that the Didact is planning to use the Halo against humanity and Earth. Furthermore, while it is indifferent to mankind's fate, the monitor takes issue at the Didact's creation of new Prometheans from the humans of New Phoenix, viewing the Prometheans as "monsters" and "abominations", and deeming their presence on its installation unacceptable. Static Carillon helps the Spartans retreat back to the Gamma Halo portal in pursuit of the Didact, holding off the hordes of Promethean machines.

Blue Team return to the surface of Gamma Halo from the Composer's Abyss, making it just in time as the Didact's newly-obtained Composer rises from the pit. John falls behind while the Didact attacks and prepares to finish off the others. As the Didact is about to execute Kelly-087, the Master Chief sneaks behind the Forerunner and stabs him in the eye with a combat knife. Intending to correct his mistake of not having killed the Spartan when he had the chance, the Didact grabs John by the helmet, lifts him up in the air and squeezes.



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