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General overview
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Construction of the Composers

Attached AI(s):

859 Static Carillon

Structural information

Clinquant,[1] also known as the Composer's Forge, is an artificial Builder planet. The Composers are designed and built at the Composer's Forge. The planet's monitor is 859 Static Carillon.[2]


Main article: Skirmish on Installation 03

Sometime around the New Phoenix Incident, a service portal between the Composer's Forge and Installation 03 opened, likely as a result of the recent relocation or destruction of the Composer stored on the Halo. In response, 859 Static Carillon attempted to contact Installation 03's monitor, 049 Abject Testament. However, Gamma Halo's monitor remained unresponsive and Static Carillon left the Forge and entered the portal to investigate Abject Testament's silence. Static Carillon emerged from the now empty Composer's Abyss on Installation 03 and soon encountered the Ur-Didact. Upon recognizing him as the monitor of the Composer's Forge, the Didact demanded that the monitor bring him to the Forge.[2]

On July 26, 2557, SPARTAN-II Blue Team discovered the portal in Installation 03's Composer's Abyss and entered it, arriving in the city that surrounded the Composer's Forge. The Spartans discovered the Composer's Forge and the six Composers it held. Shortly after, they were confronted by the Didact. Although the Spartans attempted to attack the Didact, they were swiftly incapacitated by the Promethean. The Didact called upon his Promethean constructs to attack the Spartans. After Static Carillon had Installation 03 appear over the Composer's Forge, the Didact departed the installation for the Halo. Blue Team, with the help of Static Carillon, followed after the Forerunner and re-entered the portal leading to Installation 03. The monitor stayed behind for some time to close the portal,[2] after which it traveled to Installation 03, just in time to save Blue Team from the Didact.[3]

John-117 confronted the Didact in Gamma Halo's control room whilst disabling the safeties which allowed Static Carillon to detach the segment of the Halo housing the control center and plunge it toward the Composer's Forge. The Halo fragment impacted the Forge, presumably destroying the five Composers housed there and successfully digitizing the Didact.[4]


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