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Doavyn is a super planet in the Khaphrae system and the former gravitational anchor for Installation 03 before the ring was transported to Clinquant and then to an undisclosed location by 859 Static Carillon.[1][3]



Centuries prior to the Human-Covenant War, Doavyn underwent an unknown catastrophic event which resulted in the large planet shattering and several large chunks of the world breaking into pieces,[1] leaving in deep gouges leading toward its core and the creation of a dense asteroid field above the planet. Doavyn's surface appears to be covered in rocky terrain and deserts,[4] although it is unknown if these conditions existed prior to the planet's shattering or if they were caused by the event. The surface around one of the poles is a gray-white, possibly hinting at the existence of a polar ice cap or simply another coloration of rock that is more common in that region.[1] Around and within the gargantuan fissures covering planet, exposed lava can be found.[4]


Distant past[edit]

After the Halo Array was built at Installation 00 circa 97,445 BCE, Installation 03 was sent to Doavyn via slipspace portal. Shortly thereafter, Installation 03 was fired along with the rest of the array, eradicating all life within the Milky Way to starve the Flood of its food.[5]

Several centuries before its discovery by humanity, Doavyn experienced a mysterious cataclysmic event of unknown origin. This event resulted in the shattering of the planet, with large chunks of it exploding into space and becoming caught in orbit in the form of an asteroid field. During the cataclysm, Installation 03 suffered extraordinary damage and its monitor, 049 Abject Testament, went missing around the same time. Since the event, however, the Halo has underwent significant repairs and has returned to a habitable state.[1]


Ivanoff Station in the asteroid field created by Doavyn's decimation.

During the Battle of Tribute in August 2552, the freighter Floral Express fled the planet while carrying colonial refugees. Following a randomized slipspace jump, the ship arrived in the Khaphrae system on October 8. Upon returning to Earth, the crew was detained by the Office of Naval Intelligence for possible violations of the Cole Protocol. After examining the Floral Express's flight records, ONI used intelligence gleaned from the Battle of Installation 04 to detect what they believed to be Installation 03 in orbit over Doavyn. Contacting and redirecting pioneer teams to the Khaphrae system, ONI was able to confirm that it was indeed Installation 03, Gamma Halo.[6] The pioneer teams attempted to find and secure the installation's Library to recover the activation index as part of neutralization protocols which had been established by October 25. Since Earth was under attack at the time, the teams could not return home, and they did not have the force of arms to safely remain on the ring, the teams settled in for a long habitation in a makeshift orbital base called Ivanoff Station that they established within Doavyn's asteroid belt.[2]

Following the return of the Ur-Didact in 2557, SPARTAN-II Blue Team travelled to Installation 03 to investigate the disappearance of Black Team. They discovered that the Spartans had been killed by the Didact,[7] who intended to visit the Forerunner installation known as Clinquant, or the Composer's Forge, to procure more Composers that would let him create additional Promethean Knights. At the Didact's behest, the monitor of the Composer's Forge, 859 Static Carillon, had Installation 03 transported from Doavyn's orbit to Clinquant. However, Static Carillion would turn on the Forerunner,[8][1] siding with Blue Team who then ejected a segment of Installation 03 and slammed it into the Composer's Forge, composing the Didact. Instead of returning Installation 03 to Doavyn, Static Carillion took the Halo to an undisclosed region of the galaxy to conduct repairs.[3][1]


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