007 Contrite Witness

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Contrite Witness
Biographical information

Began service:

before or during 97,445 BCE[1][2]

Political and military information


Forerunner Ecumene[1]


Monitor of Installation 02[1]


02-007 Contrite Witness was a Forerunner-created ancilla designated as the monitor of Installation 02.[1][3] The nomenclature describing them denotes their position as it relates to the second ring and its name was meant to represent both an omen and an epitaph for Forerunner civilization.[1]


Near the very end of the Forerunners' war against the Flood, 007 Contrite Witness was commissioned alongside six others in order to oversee the Neoteric Halo Array, with Installation 02 in particular being placed in their charge.[1] Right before the Halo rings were dispersed from Installation 00 in its place beyond the rim of the Milky Way, all seven monitors convened aboard a vessel known as the Lifeworkers' crèche.[1][4] There, they were certified as being fit for their duties, the first of which would be the preparation of activation indexes, distributed to each, for each installation.[1][4] The IsoDidact and a handful of Lifeworkers gathered with Contrite Witness and the six others within the ship's command center before the final dispersement of the Array.[1] Thereafter, Witness was relocated to Installation 02 within the galaxy's Norma Arm.[5] In 2490, the Monitor contacted the Ark for a status update.[3]


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