Eradicator Sentinel

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Eradicator Sentinel
Render of a Adjutant Resolution's boss exoskeleton from artist Josh Gregory


Defense, augmentation[1]


23.5 feet (7.2 m)[1]


30.2 feet (9.2 m)[1]


16.5 feet (5.0 m)[1]


  • Sterilization beam[1]
  • Shard projectors[1]

Eradicator Sentinels are a variant of Sentinel often utilized used as combat carapaces by adjutant sub-monitors in defense of their assigned Forerunner installations.[1]



Manufactured within Ferrarius Assembler Vats,[1] Eradicator Sentinels have four offensive appendages that can be outfitted with various hard light-based weaponry, usually two scaled up Cindershots and two hard light weaponry reminiscent to that of the Suppressor, or two scaled up Incineration Cannons and two Shard cannons. In addition, Eradicators have a powerful sterilization beam that can be fired from its central unit.[2] Eradicators are also equipped with small reconstitution emitters, as well as energy shielding, and an impulse drive. [1]


Eradicators can function autonomously like Aggressor Sentinels but are usually used as personal combat skins for executor constructs in charge of Forerunner installations. A monitor, sub-monitor, or other Forerunner construct can dock within a cradle inside the Eradicator's central chassis and take control of the machine, using it to confront localized dangers directly.[1] In the event of close-quarters combat, the Eradicators can generate a pulse of energy that knocks enemies back. Eradicators have at least two design flaws: a lack of manoeuvrability and a relatively slow speed while in combat. Furthermore, if one of its offensive appendages is destroyed, the Eradicator will temporarily freeze up.[2][3]

Adjutant Resolution - First fight
Adjutant Resolution within his Eradicator.


During the Battle for Zeta Halo, when John-117 and the Weapon attempted to shut down the first Spire in order to halt the Reformation, they incurred the wrath of Adjutant Resolution, one of Installation 07's sub-monitors. Adjutant Resolution summoned an Eradicator, which he entered and assumed control of, and then proceeded to attack the Master Chief. The Chief managed to destroy the Eradicator, though Adjutant Resolution escaped unharmed.[2]

Later, when John-117 stormed the Command Spire, Adjutant Resolution confronted the Spartan again, this time utilizing an improved Eradicator. Once again, the Master Chief destroyed the Eradicator, and once again, Adjutant Resolution survived.[3]


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