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Strato-Sentinel is the name applied to a type of Forerunner Sentinel.


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Retriever Sentinel[edit]

Main article: Retriever Sentinel

The Retriever Sentinel are considered to be one of the more powerful variants of the Sentinel, Retrievers are massive, ship-sized drones that were utilized to construct installations of the Halo Array from Installation 00, as well as to provide maintenance to the Ark itself.[1]

Steward Sentinel[edit]

Main article: Steward Sentinel

The Steward Sentinel is a variant used to accompany other Forerunner machines and assist them with their tasks.[2]

Unnamed variants[edit]

This unnamed variant is similar in design to the Steward, but is was used in the creation of the Portal at Voi.[3][4]



N'chala watches the construction of the portal.

Strato-Sentinels were used as escorts during the Forerunner-Flood war.[5] Strato-Sentinels were also used at Installation 00 at its stripmining moon harvesting precious raw construction materials.[6] Following the firing of the Halo Array, Strato-Sentinelsassisted the keyships with the reintroduction of species throughout the Milky Way, as per the Conservation Measure, accompanying the vessels back to species' homeworlds.[5] Strato-Sentinels assisted with the excavation and construction of a massive slipspace portal on Erde-Tyrene, in the present-day country of Kenya, that had been set into motion by the Librarian before her death. These Strato-Sentinels were spotted by the human tribe elder N'chala, in the years after the reintroduction, who mistook the sentinels for gods.[7]

Behind the scenes[edit]

Strato-Sentinels were originally planned to appear in Halo 3, but were ultimately cut from the game.[8] One of the early settings for the maps "Construct"[9] and "Blackout" was the interior of a damaged Strato-Sentinels in orbit around the Foundry, where other Strato-Sentinels could be seen in the distance harvesting materials from the Foundry's resource moon. However, this idea was scrapped.[10] During production, they were known as "Strato-Sentinels", a name that would later be adopted in subsequent canon. The Strato-Sentinels were also intended to be included in Halo 4, though they were removed from the game during the pre-production stages.[11]


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