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Screenshot of Adjutant Resolution.
Adjutant Resolution, one of the several Facilitators of Zeta Halo.

"I have no requirements. I am a facilitator. The Array requirements are paramount."
Adjutant Reflex on their duty as a Facilitator.[1]

A Facilitator-class ancilla is a type of ancilla created and employed by the Forerunners.[2] Ancillas frequently serve as sub-monitors for installations of the Halo Array, working for the facilitation of Array requirements.[3][1] Facilitator-class ancillae may also be referred to as executors.[4][5]


Facilitators are sometimes referred to as "adjutant monitors,"[6] reflective of their naming scheme of Adjutant [X]. They are formed from the minds of living Forerunners rather than being created from-scratch as a full artificial intelligence (as in the case of Adjutant Revendicate[4]), though are somewhat limited in their capabilities when compared to other ancilla classes such as the Caradon-class and Archeon-class - or even full monitors.[7]

Facilitators are typically assigned specific subsystems of a given installation - such as a Cartographer - to keep watch over. Should the installation's monitor become unfit for duty, the sub-monitor takes over and resumes their functions (albeit in a limited capacity).[8] Sub-monitors may also serve as station attendants, rail attendants and manage other administrative and custodial functions.[9] Adjutants may also serve as a core component on Forerunner starships; for example, the Supernal Spiral-class keyship Anodyne Spirit maintained 560 adjutants alone.[10]

Known ancilla[edit]


Warning humanity of Mendicant Bias[edit]

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Around 2007, a Facilitator-class ancilla communicated with Humans on Earth, where it was terminated by Mendicant Bias.

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