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Jason Morelli
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"Melissa, it's a sad thing I'm married. You could break my heart."
— Jason Morelli

Corporal Jason Morelli was a human non-commissioned officer of the UNSC Marine Corps assigned to ONI Signal Corps.



He met his wife, Bonita, on the Churchill Ferry in New York City where he dazzled her by talking passionately about his favorite music genre, 1940s-era Jazz.[1] The two had one child together, their son Jersey Morelli.

Marine career[edit]

Sometime in the past he worked with Melissa. Melissa really liked Jason because he would play his jazz music for her to listen to as well as showing her respect by referring to her by her name as opposed to her nickname "Operator". When visiting with him, she felt real. It was her who gave Jason the nickname, The Castaway. When Melissa was blown apart one of the reasons she chose Jersey's computer was because she remembered and liked Jersey's dad.[2]

In 2552 he was attached to ONI's Radio Beacon Deployment Program, and had been away from home for 513 days as of the date that Durga is found by Jersey Morelli.[3][4] Jason avoided the Fall of Reach due to an assignment on UNSC Silberg.[5]


The ONI Memorial in Halo 3: ODST mentions Jason Morelli in a list of deceased ONI personnel; however, given that the plaque lists all ONI members who had been named at the time of the game's release (including Margaret Parangosky, who was later established to have been alive and leading ONI at the time), it can be considered to be of dubious canonicity.

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