Pelahsar the Strident

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Pelahsar the Strident
Pelahsar the Strident as he appears in the Halo Encyclopedia (2022 edition). Courtesy of Covenant Canon on Twitter.
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921 BCE[1]


Mhelaat 'Orlam (father)

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246.4 centimeters (8 ft 1.0 in)[1]


149.2 kilograms (329 lb)[1]

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First Kaidon[1]


Pelahsar the Strident, born Pelahsar 'Orlam,[1] was the First Kaidon of the Sangheili during the First Age of Conflict, and one of the Covenant's founding fathers.[2]


Early life and family[edit]

Pelahsar was born on Sanghelios in 921 BCE as the son of Mhelaat 'Orlam, the First Kaidon who spoke for all of Sanghelios.[1] During the decades-long war between the Sangheili and San'Shyuum Reformists, 'Orlam was the first to advocate for the reverse-engineering of Forerunner technology, an ideal which flew in the face of the very tenet of their religion that had sparked the conflict.[3][1] 'Orlam saw the utilization of Forerunner technology as his species' only hope against the San'Shyuum,[1] who continued to ravage colony after colony from within their Dreadnought.[2] However, the Sangheili resisted 'Orlam's push for change, and he was assassinated.[1]

His father's footsteps[edit]

Not all Sangheili disagreed with 'Orlam, however; Pelahsar himself would carry on his father's legacy, becoming personally involved in the development of a R'sikosh-pattern man o' war outfitted with Forerunner-derived weapons. Called the Reckless Pursuit, its first test was so successful that it shifted public opinion on the application of Forerunner technology.[1] In 876 BCE, Pelahsar the Strident wisely led the Sangheili in the widespread use of Forerunner weapons against the San'Shyuum.[3]

War's end[edit]

Main article: Battle of Sanghelios

When the San'Shyuum finally arrived in the Urs system, they ravaged Sanghelios and its two moons with the Dreanought. However, the Sangheili responded by deploying vessels armed with Forerunner-derived weapons,[3] including the Reckless Pursuit itself.[1] Under this barrage, the Dreadnought was shot down on Suban, and held there with gravity anchors as the Sangheili decided what should be done with the vessel and those inside.[3][1] However, while trapped on Suban, a coup led by the San'Shyuum Breaking Shadow resulted in the assassination of Pervading Stone, the leader of the Reformists who had refused to pursue peace with the Sangheili.[3] In 852 BCE, Shadow led an unarmed delegation to meet with now-First Kaidon Pelahsar the Strident. The two leader formed a tenuous truce, forgiving the past crimes of their species and working to form a harmonious alliance, one that would soon be established by the Writ of Union and become known as the Covenant.[2][3]


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