Pelahsar the Strident

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Pelahsar the Strident
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Pelahsar the Strident was a Sangheili leader during the first Age of Conflict, and one of the Covenant's founding fathers.[1]


As the War of Beginnings raged on for decades, the technological superiority of the San'Shyuum's Dreadnought spurred the Sangheili race to utilize Forerunner technology to defend their worlds. As a result of the Sangheili's augmented defenses, the conflict reached a point of stalemate and eventually left both sides open to compromise. In 852 BCE, Pelahsar the Strident brokered a "tentative truce" with the Reformist San'Shyuum leader Breaking Shadow. Both leaders forgave the past crimes of their species and began working to form a harmonious alliance, one that would soon be established by the Writ of Union and become known as the Covenant.[1]


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