Pervading Stone

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Pervading Stone
Pervading Stone as he appears in the Halo Encyclopedia (2022 edition). Courtesy of Covenant Canon on Twitter.
Biographical information




1041 BCE[1]


c. 855 BCE[2]

Cause of death:

Killed in a coup led by Breaking Shadow[2]

Personal details






221 centimeters (7 ft 3 in)[1]


111.6 kilograms (246 lb)[1]

Political and military information




Notable info:

Led the San'Shyuum Reformists during the War of Beginnings[2]


Ekla'Maga'Sadow, known as Pervading Stone, was a San'Shyuum Prophet who led the Keepers of the Dawn,[1] and effectively the entirety of the Reformists.[2] Near the end of the War of Beginnings, he was killed during a coup by those allied with Breaking Shadow.[1][2]


Early life[edit]

Ekla'Maga'Sadow, who would come to be known as Pervading Stone, was born on the Forerunner Dreadnought in 1041 BCE. He eventually became the leader of the Keepers of the Dawn, the group of San'Shyuum that led the Reformists; they were also the first of their kind to be called Prophets.[1]

War of Beginnings[edit]

Main article: War of Beginnings

Pervading Stone lost his father during the ground siege at Ulgethon, the first major battle of the War of Beginnings.[1] Driven by revenge, Pervading Stone spent years leading the Reformists as they laid waste to Sangheili colonies and outposts. Even after the Sangheili's harrowing raid on the Dreadnought at Codisfold, he continued his brutal campaign to completely annihilate the enemy.[2][1] He was known to silence and even eliminate dissenters, a group which began to grow in number following the revelation that the San'Shyuum were indeed still vulnerable aboard their keyship.[2] He even went so far as to secretly order the assassination of Ushering Dusk, a fellow member of the Keepers of the Dawn.[1] Dissent among the San'Shyuum grew even more when it was discovered that the Sangheili had begun to use Forerunner weapons against them. Still, Pervading Stone refused to entertain the possibility of peace with the Sangheili.[2][1]

Eventually, the San'Shyuum discovered the location of the Sangheili homeworld of Sanghelios. Pervading Stone brashly took the Dreadnought to the world, intending to sever the head of their enemy once and for all.[1] However, after some time of enduring the vessel's attacks on Sanghelios and its two moons, Qikost and Suban,[2] the Sangheili responded by turning their warships armed with Forerunner-derived weaponry against the Dreadnought, shooting it down on Suban. There, it was held in place with gravity anchors, effectively trapping the San'Shyuum inside. The Sangheili stormed the ship, debating whether to simply destroy it and its inhabitants outright or breach the vessel and take it for themselves.[1][2]

Death and legacy[edit]

By 855 BCE, as a result of Pervading Stone's refusal to request a truce with the Sangheili even in their vulnerable state, a swift and violent coup led by Breaking Shadow ended in the assassination of Pervading Stone.[2][1] Acting as the Reformists' new leader, Breaking Shadow began working toward peace with the Sangheili, and, in 852 BCE, sent an unarmed delegation to their enemies to recount what had happened over the last several years. Breaking Shadow and First Kaidon Pelahsar the Strident forged a tenuous alliance, forgiving the other's species for their past crimes. This was soon formalized in the Writ of Union, the founding document of the Covenant. For centuries to come, the two species would live in relative peace, with the Sangheili managing military forces and the San'Shyuum providing religious insight and purpose.[2]


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