Ages of Conflict

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The Ages of Conflict were time periods in Covenant history where the Covenant suffered from large internal or external conflicts. There were 39 Ages of Conflict in total. During the Progression of the Ages, Ages of Conflict are represented by iron[1] and the following dialogue is as followed for this age:[1]

Leader: "Conflict"
Congregation: "The Second Age! Rivalry and bloodshed!"


The First Age of Conflict[edit]

A Covenant mural depicting the war.

The First Age of Conflict is the name given to the time of the War of Beginnings, from 938 BCE to 852 BCE. During this time, the Sangheili and the San'Shyuum reformists fought over their different religious beliefs regarding the treatment of Forerunner artifacts. The age ended with the ratification of the Writ of Union, a treaty made between the two races that established the Covenant.[2][3]

The Thirty-Ninth Age of Conflict[edit]

The 39th Age of Conflict was ushered in by the Unggoy Rebellion, which arose from a long list of grievances finally set aflame with the Infusion Incident. This Age of Conflict led to the 23rd Age of Doubt.[4]

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