Ages of Conflict

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The Ages of Conflict was the second Age in the Covenant Age system.[1][2] There have been 39 known Ages of Conflict, each being time periods in Covenant history where the Covenant suffered from large internal or external conflicts.


During the Progression of the Ages, Ages of Conflict are represented by iron and the following dialogue is as followed for this age:[1]

Leader: "Conflict."
Congregation: "The Second Age! Rivalry and bloodshed!"


First Age of Conflict[edit]

A Covenant mural depicting the war.

Second Age of Conflict[edit]

Third Age of Conflict[edit]

  • The Third Age of Conflict was a time of violent civil wars that so often defined the Covenant's early history, as the empire took shape through conquest, submission, and slaughter.[8] This age occurred within the first centuries of the Covenant's existence.[9]
  • The Varric-pattern heavy cruiser was first commissioned and entered service with the Covenant fleet for use in the civil wars of the Third Age of Conflict.[8]
  • The Shuul'se-pattern subjugator Kraken,a powerful siege tower and excavator, was first commissioned by the Covenant Hierarchs, during this Age.[10]

Fourth Age of Conflict[edit]

Sixth Age of Conflict[edit]

Thirty-Ninth Age of Conflict[edit]

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