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The Ages of Reconciliation are time periods in Covenant history. It is theorized that during these ages, the Covenant would alter its political, military, and economic structure to accommodate a new species, as well as introducing said species to advanced Covenant technology.


852 BCE: The First Age of Reconciliation[edit]

The First Age of Reconciliation proceeded the First Age of Conflict, an era characterized by the War of Beginnings.[1] The First Age of Reconciliation was ushered in at the conclusion of the war, when the Sangheili and the San'Shyuum negotiated a truce and drafted the Writ of Union in order to form an alliance known as the Covenant. The Hierarchs of this Age were the High Prophets of Excellent Redolence, the Glorious Journey, and Unity.[2] At the very dawn of this age, the Covenant faced rebellion from heretics opposed to the Writ of Union.[3] The most notable rebellion was led by Ussa 'Xellus, an insurgency that would be eventually known as the Rending. Fleeing Covenant spies and assassins on Sanghelios, Ussa and his allies relocated to a Forerunner shield world they called The Refuge.[4] They would attempt to build an army and use the Forerunner technology on the shield world to eventually retake Sanghelios and its colonies from the San'Shyuum "oppressors". The Covenant attempted to quell the rebellion, but were unable to discover Ussa's location.[5]

In this Age, the San'Shyuum of High Charity began to realize that their numbers were dwindling due to the lack of fertile San'Shyuum females. To prevent inbreeding, the Prophet of Inner Conviction was tasked with leading a mission to Janjur Qom to retrieve a group of females from the Stoics that were willing to come to High Charity. Additionally, Inner Conviction was ordered to search for a Luminary that was allegedly found on the planet.[6] After several firefights with the Stoics, Inner Conviction and the survivors of his team returned to High Charity with the females, but the Luminary had been destroyed.[7] Eventually, a defector from Ussa's group is captured and interrogated.[8] He reveals the location of the shield world and a Covenant fleet, led by the Prophet of Inner Conviction, is dispatched to end the rebellion and capture the world. Not willing to allow the world to fall into Covenant hands, Ussa had the shield world enter its "Disassembler" process and the shield world seemingly exploded.[9] The Covenant believed that the shield world was destroyed in the event and left the system. However, the shield world's explosion was in fact a defensive tactic used to hide the world's inhabitants. Ussa and his people continued to inhabit the former shield world's fragmented habitats.[10]

Progression of the Ages[edit]

In the ceremonial Progression of the Ages, the Ages of Reconciliation are represented by polished jade.[11]

During the Progression of the Ages, an appropriate dialogue is as followed:[11]

Leader, or Chieftain: Reconciliation.
Congregation, or Pack: The Third! Humility and brotherhood!


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