Ages of Discovery

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Ages of Discovery are time periods in Covenant history where great technological advancements or discoveries of Forerunner relics are made. It is believed that during one of these Ages, the San'Shyuum (possibly with the help of the Huragok), discovered the existence of the Halo Array, giving birth to the Covenant religion, with its central theme that its activation would begin the Great Journey for the Covenant, leading them to salvation. What they did not know is that activating the array would lead to the destruction of all sentient life in the galaxy.


Third Age of Discovery[edit]

During the Third Age of Discovery, the CAS-class assault carrier was introduced in service with the Covenant fleet.[1] Shadow of Intent was built during the Third Age of Discovery, circa 2135.[2] The Ester-pattern armored frigate also entered service with the Covenant's navy during the Third Age of Discovery.[3]

The Za'zayara-pattern Harvester was first designed by ministerial weapon-scribes during this age.[4]

Tenth Age of Discovery[edit]

The A'uzr-pattern sword frigate was introduced into service in this Age.[5]

Twentieth Age of Discovery (c. 2070)[edit]

The Twentieth Age of Discovery occurred in the late 21st century, remembered as an earlier age of glorious discovery, where the Covenant's fleet traveled to distant stars, chartered dangerous slipspace routes, and conquered those that resisted the empire's rule.[6][7]

The Ceudar-pattern heavy corvette was mass-assembled during this age and,[6] circa 2070, Ardent Prayer was commissioned by the Forgemasters of Tanus and Gorgon Assembly Vault.[7] The Rathen-pattern fireship was first commissioned during the Twentieth Age of Discovery for service in the Covenant's navy.[3]

Progression of the Ages[edit]

During the Progression of the Ages, an appropriate dialogue is as followed:[8]

Leader, or Chieftain: Discovery.
Congregation, or Pack: Fourth! Wonder and understanding!


An Age of Discovery is represented by carved geodes.[8]


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