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Last Stand
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Halo Wars 2


James Cutter


April 2, 2559[1]


Installation 09


  • Defend the Professor and the Control Room from the Banished
  • Hold Out for 2 minutes
  • Kill the Brute Warlords (2)
  • Keep the Control Room Shield over 50%
  • Take down a Scarab with Archer Missiles
  • Kill the commanders within 10 minutes
  • Upgraded turret deployment

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Cutter and his crew must fend off the Banished in a final defense of Anders as she prepares the Halo for its voyage.

Last Stand is the twelfth and final campaign level in Halo Wars 2.




Mission Briefing

  • Captain James Cutter: "Professor, what's the update at the Control Room?"
  • Professor Ellen Anders: "I'm in, and I think I've found the Halo's weapon systems. Once I've deactivated them, then I'll place the comms beacon."
  • Cutter: "Keep us updated. Jerome, Atriox will be sending everything to stop us. You need to hold the line and protect the Professor in the Control Room until she's finished her work."
  • Jerome-092: "Won't let you down, sir."
  • Cutter: "The clock's ticking and we don't have time to drop a base and build it up. You're going to have to rely on turret defenses, so keep them up and running."
  • Isabel: "Fresh troops will be sent in directly from the Spirit of Fire as soon as they are ready to deploy. And I've got all the ship's weapons systems primed and ready, so we'll help as much as we can from up here."
  • Cutter: "Okay everyone, let's get to work. Good luck"


Hold out against the Banished long enough for Anders to complete her mission.


Make sure you use the Spirit of Fire's full arsenal to support your troops, we won't have access to a firebase.

{In-game cutscene}

Two Pelicans land at the LZ south of the Control Room and drop squads of Marines.

  • Cutter: "Red Team, you have to hold the Banished back until Professor's done her work."
  • Jerome-092: "Don't worry, sir. We've got her. And it looks like we've got company right now."

The Marines, Hellbringers and Red Team form a defensive perimeter around the Control Room where Anders is inside. An energy shield suddenly emerges, covering the Control Room.

  • Anders: "This Control Room has a defensive shield, but it won't last long. You just keep the wolves at bay."


  • Isabel: "The Spirit of Fire's weapons are at your disposal, Spartans. Get this ship in the fight. Turrets and Restoration Drones are online, call in support when you need it."
  • Isabel: "The Spirit of Fire is standing by to assist, Jerome. Use everything you can, we have to keep the professor safe!"

Cutter informs the player that the Banished are approaching.

  • Cutter: "There's a massive influx of Banished heading to your position, team."
  • Jerome-092: "Lock and load. No one crosses that line."

Red Team and the Marines hold off the Banished assault from all directions.

  • Cutter: "Red Team, the Banished have Warlords on the field overseeing their troops. Eliminating them will disrupt the Banished chain of command."
  • Jerome-092: "Roger, sir"
  • Alice-130: "Nothing like sowing a little chaos."
  • Isabel: "We'll be sending the reinforcements directly from the ship just as soon as they're ready to deploy."

Red Team and the UNSC forces start splitting in two to defeat the Warlords while defending the Control Room. Meanwhile, new reinforcements of Marines and Cyclopes arrive.

  • Cutter: "Red Team, reinforcements are ready for you at the LZ."

Red Team and the Marines assault the Warlords' encampments and eventually defeat them.

  • Jerome-092: "Warlord out of action."


  • Jerome-092: "We've eliminated another Warlord."


  • Jerome-092: "Warlord down."

New reinforcements of Nightingales, Gauss Warthogs and Scorpions arrive from the ship at the LZ as the UNSC continues to hold the line.

  • Cutter: "We've got reinforcements for you now, Red Team"

The Banished keep coming from every direction, but Red Team and the UNSC forces continue to deny their access to the Control Room.

  • Cutter: "What's the status, Professor?"
  • Anders: "It's...complicated. So many protocols. I'm probably halfway there, I need more time."
  • Cutter: "Make it fast, Professor."
  • Jerome-092: "We'll buy her time, sir."

If the Banished attack the Control Room.

  • Anders: "The Banished are attacking the Control Room, it's a little distracting!"


  • Cutter: "Protect the Professor! She needs time to disarm the Halo!"


  • Anders: "I'm under attack! Need a little help here!"


  • Anders: "They're trying to destroy the shield! I can't disarm this thing if I'm dead!"


  • Anders: "It sounds like the Banished are trying to punch through the shield! I need some help here!"

If the shield drops below 40%.

  • Cutter: "Focus on protecting the Professor!"


  • Cutter: "Stop them reaching the Professor at all costs!"


  • Anders: "I'm in trouble, I need help!"

The Banished continue to attack from all directions and new UNSC reinforcements of Grizzlies arrive.

  • Cutter: "We have reinforcements standing by for you, Red Team."

The Banished start sending Sangheili Rangers and Reavers to the battlefield while UNSC Hornets and Nightingales arrive.

  • Cutter: "Reinforcements ready for your command, Red Team."

Locusts and Hunters start attacking the Marines and later, new reinforcements of Wolverines and Kodiaks arrive at the LZ.

  • Cutter: "Red Team, reinforcements are ready for you at the LZ."

After succeeding in repelling the wave of Locusts and Hunters, a Barukaza Workshop Scarab appears and the screen moves to show the incoming Scarab from the north.

  • Douglas-042: "We've got an incoming Scarab, people!"
  • Anders: "What?"
  • Alice-130: "Stay on target, Professor. This is what we're here for."
  • Cutter: "Isabel! What's the status of that new gunship? We need it now!"
  • Isabel: "The Condor is on the way, Captain. Nothing like live combat to test a new design."
An AC-220 Vulture and a G81 Condor defending the Control Room of Installation 09 on the level Last Stand.
The G81 Condor and a Vulture.

Screen moves to the Condor Gunship that has just arrived from the south.

  • Condor: "My crew is ready for action, sir."
  • Condor: "Where do you need us, sir?"
  • Cutter: "Target that Scarab, we can't let it reach the Control Toom."
  • Condor: "Payback time. Make it hurt, guys."

UNSC forces quickly assemble the units and eventually defeat the Scarab with the help of the Condor.

  • Jerome-092: "Scarab is down. Professor, how are we doing?"
  • Anders: "Just finishing it up, hang on...okay, I've done it! The ring's disarmed and the communications relay is in place!"

Anders finishes the first stage of her work. The control platform she is standing on descends into the ground.

  • Anders: "Well, that's a little more complicated. I'm going to have to go down into the ring to set up the beacon. I'm going to need a little more time."
  • Cutter: "We're counting on you, Professor. Jerome, hold the Control Room at all costs so the Professor can get back to us when she's done. I'm not leaving anybody behind."
  • Jerome-092: "Copy that, sir. Game faces, team!"

More Banished units are incoming, including Banshees. The UNSC forces quickly repel them and the Spirit of Fire dispatches two Vultures, some Hornets and Nightingales to the Control Room.

  • Cutter: "We've got reinforcements for you now, Red Team."

Later, the Banished have started sending in artillery units.

  • Cutter: "Watch out, team. The Banished have sent in artillery."

A Gydrozka Workshop Blisterback arrives through the air and starts attacking UNSC forces as soon as they land.

  • Jerome-092: "Sir, we won't be able to hold them off indefinitely!"
  • Cutter: "Professor? Time is running out!"
  • Anders: "The communications array is ready Captain, but you said yourself...we can't leave until the Banished are gone? I've found something down here that'll help."
  • Cutter: "Whatever it is, it better work, Professor."

More Banished units enter the battlefield, including Wraiths. UNSC forces defeat them before they reach Control Room.

  • Isabel: "Captain, he's back..."
  • Cutter: "Put him through."
  • Atriox (COM): "You think you can stand against me? I, who defied the Covenant itself!"
  • Cutter: "Here's your notice, Atriox. The Ark is our home now and it's under our protection. Cut it, Isabel. I've heard enough."
  • Isabel: "Captain, I didn't think you could make him any madder, but..."

In response to Cutter's notice, Atriox sends three Scarabs from the north.

  • Jerome-092: "We've got them on the ropes. Captain, but it's only a matter of time before they send more."
  • Cutter: "Professor? What's the plan?"
  • Anders: "I've gained control of the Halo's gravity anchors, Captain. Get our troops clear and get ready."

The timer starts to count down from two minutes. The UNSC quickly musters their forces and defeat the three Scarabs that enter the battlefield from the north. The timer finally reaches 0.

  • Cutter: "Our troops are clear, Professor. Whatever you're going to do, do it now."

{Cinematic Cutscene}

Cut to an orbital view of the Spirit of Fire hovering near Halo, overseeing it floating high above the Ark's surface. The view slowly zooms to one of the landmasses upon the ring.

Cut to a forest on the surface of the Halo. A Jiralhanae trooper, wielding a Brute Shot, pants and sprints to a tree for cover while some are hit by UNSC gunfire. Gunfire is heard around it. As other Brutes around it defend the position and fires back, Blisterback reinforcements land.

Cut to a panning shot of the human side of the battlefield. UNSC troopers fire from emplacements as they fill the emplacements one after another, firing to suppress the Banished, a Warthog skids up to support them.

  • Marine Lieutenant (COM): "West flank, we have them in position."

Continue panning right. A Pelican arrives and drops off a Scorpion in a cloud of red identifier smoke.

  • Marine Female (COM): "Lieutenant, they've got siege units on their way."
  • Marine Lieutenant (COM): "Banished has siege units inbound."

Another Warthog arrives, and Jerome leaps out from its gunner seat. He walks forward and draws his rifle.

  • Jerome: "Professor! It's now or never!"

Cut to inside the Halo's Control Toom. Anders stands by a hologram of the Ark and the Halo above it.

  • Jerome (COM): "Show us what you've got."

At the control terminal, Anders pulls forward a section of the Halo, magnifying it. Banished forces are marked in red dots while UNSC are marked in blue dots on its surface. Anders reaches forward and draws a circle around the Banished, and the hologram adjusts its borders to contain the entire army. The Control Room begins to shake.

Cut to the surface. A shield wall erupts around the Jiralhanae troops, trapping them inside. They look around in confusion and a Blisterback fires its missiles, but the shield is unscathed.

Cut to Anders, who puts her hand under the marked subsection. She slowly lifts her hand to push it upward.

Cut to the surface, as the surrounded ground begins to rise. The Banished troops are trapped aboard as it rises above the ground.

Anders hesitates while holding the subsection hologram.

  • Anders: "I hope this works."

She pushes up, and the landmass is flung into space. The shield dissipates, and the Marines watch the landmass fly high into space. Cut to an orbital view of the ring, where the ejected landmass crumbles from air pressure.

Jerome and his Marines climb onboard a Pelican.

Cut to an interior view of a Pelican's open troop bay. The Marines and Jerome walk inside. Jerome stands by the door, watching the enormous hole in the ground left from the ejection. The Pelican's bay door closes.

  • Jerome: "Captain, it's done."

Cut to the Control Room.

  • Jerome (COM): "Professor Anders, we are on our way. Get to the rendezvous."

Anders brings up a hologram and inspects it.

  • Anders: "With all due respect, Spartan..."

The hologram depicts an enormous slipspace portal opening above the ring.

  • Anders: "I don't believe that's an option any longer."

Cut to in orbit above the Ark. The Halo is being pulled towards the slipspace portal, as the Spirit of Fire watches nearby. Cut to the ship's bridge, as Captain Cutter watches the ring pass.

  • Cutter: "Professor Anders, there must be some way to..."
  • Anders (COM): "Don't worry, Captain. As soon as I'm back to the Soell system, I'll get that beacon out. It should only be a few weeks-"
  • Cutter: "Professor!"
  • Anders (COM): "-until I can figure out how to get back to you."

The ring is swallowed and the portal closes up. Cutter and Isabel watch as the Spirit of Fire floats alone over the Ark.

  • Isabel: "Captain..."
  • Cutter: "The other teams are clear?"
  • Isabel: "Yes sir. ETA to the Spirit of Fire is five minutes."

Cutter continues to watch out into space, but then turns to Isabel.

  • Cutter: "Bring up the map. We have a lot of work to do until she gets back."
  • Isabel: "Aye Captain."

The topographical map of the Ark's surface appears on the holo-table. Troop positions and key locations are marked.

Pan to the left over the map. It flickers as the shot changes from Cutter's blue map to Atriox's red one. The map stutters and malfunctions thanks to Atriox having just punched it. He grind his fist further in frustration.

Atriox growls as the map shuts off. He turns to face his army under the cliff below, still massive and filled with troops, bases, and Scarabs. As he watches over, a Banshee squad flies by.

Cut to black.

Cut to within slipspace, as Anders' ring speeds through the galaxy. Stars streak by over the ring's trees.

Anders meeting a Guardian.

Cut to the Control Room. The hologram of the slipspace transit shrinks and slow. A Forerunner symbol appears in the hologram near the ring.

  • Anders: "What's happening? Why did we drop out of slipspace?"

Behind her, the Control Room's elevator descends. Anders turns and walks toward it.

Cut to the ring's surface. It is dark, as Anders steps cautiously through the forest. As she looks around, reaching the edge of the hole she created, a bright flash of light occurs. It's an object coming out of slipspace. Anders shields her eyes, then looks up as it approaches.

  • Anders: "Oh, good job Ellen... You may have been safer on the Ark."

She faces up to see an enormous Guardian.

Cut to black.

Game ends.

Leader Powers available[edit]

Note that in this level, all Leader Powers have been upgraded to maximum level without the need to earn and spend leader points.

  • Restoration Drones I, II and III
  • Archer Missiles I, II and III
  • Battle Hardened I and II
  • Lotus Mine I and II
  • ODST Drop
  • Turret Drop I and II
  • R&D I, II and III
  • Holographic Decoy I and II
  • Close Air Support I

Units Deployed[edit]

  • Initial
    • Jerome-092
    • Alice-130
    • Douglas-042
    • 7 Marines
    • 7 Hellbringers
    • 2 Nightingales
  • First Reinforcements
    • 8 Marines
    • 8 Cyclopes
  • Second Reinforcements
    • 2 Nightingales
    • 2 Gauss Warthogs
    • 2 Scorpion Tank
  • Third Reinforcements
    • 2 Grizzlies
  • Fourth Reinforcements
    • 2 Nightingales
    • 4 Hornets
  • Fifth Reinforcements
    • 2 Kodiaks
    • 4 Wolverines
  • Sixth Reinforcements (Upon Scarab Arrival)
    • 1 Condor Gunship
  • Seventh Reinforcements (Final Reinforcement)
    • 2 Vultures
    • 2 Hornets
    • 2 Nightingales



  • Other than ODSTs, there is no way to replace units in this level. Conserve your units, and your defenses will be very airtight once you have many units stationed around the Control Room.
  • Utilize Garrisons to strengthen defenses. Upgrade turrets to close the gap that the Garrisons need. That being said, Turrets and Garrisons will not be enough to stop enemy advancements. Keep in mind that some Banished units, like Elite Rangers, Banished Wraiths, and Locusts, can attack your garrisoned units while out of the attack range of your units. Send in a Spartan or a Scorpion to deal with these units.
  • You will get a total of 8 Nightingales at this level. Keep the Nightingales alive as they are a key part of strengthening the defenses on this level.
  • Utilize your Leader Powers and their reduced cooldown timers to the fullest. Deploy ODSTs as soon as the ODST drop is ready; the same is also recommended for Lotus Mines to shore up defenses.

Optional and Bonus Objectives[edit]

  • Build turrets immediately and upgrade them as they are one of the bonus objectives.
  • It is recommended to eliminate the Jiralhanae Warlords as soon as possible. After the second group of reinforcements (2 Scorpions, 2 Warthogs, and 2 Nightingales) arrive, send an attack force with at least Spartans, Scorpions, and Cyclopes to defeat the Warlords. They are heavily guarded by Infantry, Wraiths, and Engineers. Prioritize on killing the Engineers as they can heal each other as well as units around them. Use Archer Missiles, Close Air Support, Turret Drop, ODSTs, or Holographic Decoy if necessary.
    • Note that the 10-minute countdown begins after Cutter's dialogue instead of 10 minutes from mission timer.
  • As long as no Banished units get past your defenses, the Control Room Shield will easily remain above 50%.



  • The Nightmare skull is awarded upon level completion for keeping the Control Room Shield health above 50% at the end of the level. The Shadow skull is awarded for killing the two Brute Warlords.
  • This is the only level where the G81 Condor Gunship appears in the Campaign.
  • This is the only level where the player gets infinite resources. The only units players can call in are ODSTs using Leader Power. Reinforcements will gradually arrive at the Control Room via Pelicans. Population is not infinite, however, as ODST Drops can be made unavailable when the player reaches the maximum population.
  • This is the only level where the player encounters multiple Banished Scarabs.
  • All units are fully upgraded in this level. Additionally, all Leader Powers are unlocked and upgraded to maximum level. The cooldown timers have also been reduced by around 50%.


  • Sometimes a marine unit can be seen in the southern part of the map that is impassable by level barrier. They cannot move back into the playable area.


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