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The Cartographer


From the Deep

Lights Out
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Halo Wars 2


March 30, 2559


Installation 00

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Lights Out is the sixth campaign level in Halo Wars 2.




Mission Briefing

  • Captain Cutter: "Atriox's forces are too strong and too well entrenched for us to fight head-on. But he's spread his troops far and wide, by abusing the Ark's network of portals. That's his biggest mistake."
  • Isabel: "Thanks to the information the Professor got from the Cartographer, we know Atriox's key controller for the portal network is nearby. If we destroy it, it'll cripple his ability to use that portal network."
  • Captain Cutter: "Some of the Atriox's troops will be stranded and the rest won't be able to redeploy as easily, It'll give us a fighting chance."
  • Isabel: "The bad news is we've detected mass deployment of Banished forces in this area, which means Atriox knows of our plans. The Banished will do everything they can do defend that portal control hub."
  • Captain Cutter: "You'll need to neutralize each of the portal's on the approach to the control hub or we'll be overrun. To make things worse, our scouts believe Decimus arrived a few hours ago and he'll be looking for a rematch. Make sure he doesn't walk away from this one."
  • Jerome-092: "Looking forward to it, sir."

Mission Summary Cripple the Banished's portal network.

Scouting Report Portals can be used to travel across the battlefield when no longer under Banished control.

{In-game Cutscene} A Jiralhanae Warlord is deploying his units where the Marauders and Infantries to defend the portal where the Four Hornets fly past through them.

  • Warlord: "Enemies on the way! Move faster, Grunts or i'll throw you at them myself!"
  • Hornet: "Spirit of Fire, we have eyes on the first portal and we're returning to base."

A Reaver shots down one of the Hornets.

  • Hornet: "Looks like we're not going to make it back without a fight!"

Groups of Reavers, infantries and a Wraith try and fail destroying the Hornets.

  • Jerome-092: "I've got no problem with that. This time we came prepared."
  • Isabel: "Jerome, I've marked the first portal on your map."
  • Jerome-092: "Thanks, Isabel. We've got our orders, team. Neutralize every portal we see until we reach the Banished's portal controller."

Jerome leads two Squads of Marines, Hellbringers and Three Cyclops to the field.


Jerome start leading his troops to the first portal and on the way there, they encountered a Wraith and Infantry squads but suddenly Douglas leaps in to the Wraith with Spartan Slams, stunning infantries nearby.

  • Douglas-042: "Room for a passenger?"

UNSC concentrate their fires on the Infantries while Douglas takes over the Wraith. Once Douglas takes over the Wraith, he help UNSC defeats the Infantries while also the Silos around it.

  • Jerome-092: "Douglas. You're looking a lot better than last time i saw you."
  • Douglas-042: "I couldn't take that hospital bed any longer. Thought I should make myself useful."
  • Jerome-092: "Just remember to dodge next time, ok?"
  • Douglas-042: "Next time I'll be putting him on the ground. Count on it."

After bried reunion, UNSC start pushing to the first portal where the Marauders guards the Portals.

  • Isabel: "Jerome, the Banished are using hacking devices to get their forces through these portals. Destroy the devices and they won't be able to send any more troops in!"

UNSC defeats the Marauders and quickly destroy the devices before reinforcements are coming through the portal.

  • Jerome-092: "We've cut off the portal from the Banished, Isabel."
  • Isabel: "Good work. Now that is out of their control, we can move through it to reach the next portal. I've marked it on your map."

UNSC moves to clear the area from the Banished first and they found one of the Prison Compund guarded by Banished and UNSC defeats the Prison Guard.

  • Jerome-092: "Break them out of there!"

UNSC destroys the compound, Two Cyclops and Two Squad of Hellbringers are back to the services. “The two hellbringer squads and cyclops walkers are healed and repaired before being sent over to fight with Spartan Alice-130 and her UNSC guerilla force.

  • UNSC: "Are we glad to see you. There's more of us out there, we've got to help them out! We're ready to go."

UNSC moves through portal and while on route to the next location, two Reavers leaps to them.

  • Jerome-092: "I think we've got a new threat on the field, Isabel?"
  • Isabel: "The Banished call them Reavers, anti-air walkers. They use their leaping capabilities for ambushes."

UNSC defeats Reavers as they start engaging them.

  • Captain Cutter: "Jerome, with the Reaver gone, the skies are safe for our air units. I'm sending in a Hornet escort for you now."

Four Hornets arrived on the field.

  • Captain Cutter: "When you reach the next portal, I would send scouts through ahead of the main party. We don't know what's waiting for you on the other side."

The Hornet scouts ahead and they found Decimus on the second portal.

  • Jerome-092: "Spirit of Fire Actual. We've got eyes on Decimus!"
  • Decimus: "Protect the portal, fools, or I'll take your heads!"

Decimus leave through the portal soon afterwards and two Reavers emerged from the portal.

  • Captain Cutter: "Concentrate on that portal, Spartan. Decimus can wait.

UNSC first clear Reavers and after destroying it, Hornets moves in to defeat Infantries and the portal. Once the portal is destroyed, the base is avaiable for construction for UNSC.

  • Captain Cutter: "Jerome, send some scouts through the portal to run reconnaissance first, we shouldn't be leaping through blind."
  • Douglas-042: "Hey, what can go wrong?"

UNSC calls the firebase and regrouping unit while a Marine is going on ahead through portal to scout the situation however the Banished soon coming through Spirit dropship, attacking them before the marine squad runs back through the portal.

The base was later constructed as Command Center with seven sockets building and four turret sockets avaiable.

UNSC then tries to past through the field but Plasma Bombardment prevents them from advancing.

  • Decimus: "What's wrong humans? Lost your nerve? I'm waiting for you!"
  • Isabel: "Captain, I'm still reading heavy energy traces over the area ahead. I think it's a trap."
  • Captain Cutter: "Decimus is setting up a killzone. Jerome, you better use the portals to circumvent the area."

UNSC start building forces again and once set, they set out through a portal and encountered the Banished force that the marine squad escaped from.

Once UNSC clears them out, they capture the Generator and activate the Lightbridge while Decimus is seen on the other side, guarding the portal.

  • Decimus: "Vermin! How many of you must i exterminate before you learn your place?"

Decimus leaves again and Two Reavers and Two Squad of Infantries are moving to guard the portal.

  • Douglas-042: "He never sticks around, it is something we said?"

UNSC moves to engages them but what makes worse is the Banished have Battle Bases in two separate locations, one for infantries and one for Vehicles.

UNSC makes swift assault to the portal, destroying the device before clearing the Banished and destroying the Minibase which later avaiable for UNSC to establish it, leaving some units to defend it.

  • Jerome-092: "Portal's down. Move out to the next one."

Once UNSC moves to the next area, the plasma bombardment moves to the next area as well.

  • Captain Cutter: "The carrier is charging for another blast! Get ready to move!"

The Plasma Bombardment commences on the next area, continue to cutting off UNSC units from the bases through the ground.

  • Captain Cutter: "You've got incoming! Move it!"

South of the third portal, UNSC founds clearing and calls in another Firebase to construct Advance Base. Patrolling around the area, they encounter more Compounds.

  • Jerome-092: "More prisoners. Get them out of there."

UNSC frees all prisoners and once they are regrouping on the second base, Jerome sends the rescued UNSC forces back to the Spirit of Fire to be treated and repaired. Once this is finished, they will be put under Alice-130's command. UNSC begin advancing to the last portal where Decimus is waiting.

  • Decimus: "Protect the portal! Crush the humans like insects they are!"
  • Douglas-042: "Come over here and try it, Decimus!"
  • Decimus: "Soon enough, little demons. Soon enough."

Decimus leaves through portal despite Douglas tries to taunt him, UNSC engages Banished around the portal where it was fortified with Banished Base.

After tough fight UNSC destroys the base, clearing the area of Banished and destroys the device. Once destroyed, UNSC uses the portal and prepare themself to showdown against Decimus.

  • Captain Cutter: "Be careful, Jerome. Decimus has had time to prepare for this."

The chasm was heavily guarded as Banshees and Spirits are flying around it.

  • Captain Cutter: "The Banished have shown a surprising amount of control over the Ark's systems so far... there's no telling how he'll use that against you."
  • Isabel: "But with that control, how wong will it be before they figure out how to make a Halo?"
  • Jerome-092: "We won't give them a chance, Isabel"

UNSC reassemble the unit and they marches to the portal controller, meeting up with turret resistances as they marched there.

  • Isabel: "That's the portal controller, Jerome. Take it out and the Banished won't be able to access the portal network anymore."
  • Jerome-092: "You heard Isabel, team! Focus fire on the controller!"

Banished try to held back UNSC but UNSC continue to pound them while attacking the portal controller.

  • Jerome-092: "Keep going, it's almost done!"

UNSC finally destroys the portal controller and the portals around the controller are shutting down.

  • Isabel: "That's it! All Banished portal signatures are shutting down! Wait, there's something coming through..."

Decimus leaps to the battlefield, ready to face UNSC personally.

  • Decimus: "Human filth. Do you know what you have cost me? My salvage operation, the portals."
  • Jerome-092: "My heart bleeds."
  • Decimus: "It will. As you can see, I've made some improvements."

UNSC start engages him immediately.

  • Douglas-042: "I was looking for a second round with the ringmaster, but this whipping boy will do just fine."

When Decimus's health reaches 80%, he command the Orbital strike.

  • Decimus: "My master broke you, Spartan. I shall taking great pleasure in doing the same.

UNSC clears away from Orbital Strike just like how they deal with him at his salvage base. Once the strike is done, UNSC start attacking him again.

When Decimus's reaches 60% of his health, he issued another Orbital Strike.

  • Decimus: "Did I tell you how the other humans screamed when we destroyed their base?"
  • Isabel: "Monster! Oh, please kill him for me."

UNSC clears away once again and return to fight him again once the Orbital Strike hits Decimus.

When Decimus's health is reaching 40%, he command another Orbital Strike.

  • Decimus: "Your arrogant species WILL be humbled! The only thing you are destined for is to be meat on my table!"

UNSC clears away once more and after the Orbital Strike succeded, Decimus withdraws temporarily from battlefield.

  • Decimus: "The Ark is ours, humans, and no one will stand before the might of the Banished!"

The Plasma Bombardment and Banished reinforcements are coming, forcing UNSC to retreat temporarily to avoid heavy losses.

UNSC retreat through the portal and returned to the base to regroup and reassemble the units. Once the units are assembled, they advance through the portal and facing Decimus again.

Once Decimus's health reaches 20%, he command the final Orbital Strike.

  • Decimus: "I'm impressed, humans, but Atriox will ensure you will never leave the Ark. We will control this place and then the Banished will take all of your worlds."

Once the Orbital Strike completed, Decimus decide to fight UNSC by his own.

  • Decimus: "Very well, I will tear you apart with my own hands!"
  • Jerome-092: "This is it! Put him in the ground!"

Decimus is finally defeated in the hands of UNSC.

  • Decimus: "Make the most of your victory, humans. It will be your last."

After giving his last word, he died succumbed to his injuries.

  • Douglas-042: "Phew, talk about stubborn."
  • Jerome-092: "And you wouldn't know about that, would you? Spirit of Fire, Decimus is down."
  • Douglas-042: "Is that it? Are we done?"
  • Captain Cutter: "Well done, team. We're a step closer to leveling the playing field."
  • Isabel: "Captain! We have Banshees incoming!"
  • Jerome-092: "Sir? Captain Cutter? Isabel?"
  • Captain Cutter: "The Spirit of Fire is under attack from the Banished's fleet! Return to the Ship, NOW!"

Level ends

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Leader Powers[edit]

  • Restoration Drones I and II
  • Archer Missiles I and II
  • Battle Hardened I
  • Lotus Mine I and II
  • ODST Drop

Initial units[edit]

  • Jerome-092
  • 600 Supply
  • 400 Power
  • 2 Hellbringers
  • 2 Marines
  • 2 Cyclops


  • There are total of four compounds houses UNSC prisoners at this level. Each compound mostly holds Hellbringers and Cyclops.


  • Attacking Decimus head-on like at A New Enemy level is not going to be enough at this level since it will be a very tough fight. Make sure you retreat when Decimus retreat or you will take heavy losses.
  • Decinus will have shield recharge rate and cooldown faster than what player deal with him at A New Enemy, roughly 50% faster on cooldown and recharge rate. Make sure you immediately prepare the reserve unit as soon as you lost unit.
  • Stop attacking once Decimus complete the third Orbital Strike as he will be left the battlefield invulnerable (When his health reaches 40%), instead escape and regroup to the base near the fourth portal immediately to avoid Plasma Bombardment.
  • You will fight Decimus twice in this level, when he's dropped to 40% he will recover his health as he exit the battlefield. Once his health is back to 100%, he will face you again but he will not issue Orbital Strike until he reaches 20% of his health.


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