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This article is about the Halo Wars 2 mission. For the Halo manufacturing facility, see Foundry.


Under The Dark


The Halo

The Foundry
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Halo Wars 2


April 2, 2559[1]


Installation 00

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The Foundry is the tenth campaign level in Halo Wars 2.


{Mission Briefing}



  • Captain Cutter: "About thirty minutes ago, we lost contact with several of our landing parties on the new Halo ring. Shortly thereafter, we received confirmation of a large Banished invasion."
  • Anders: "When a new ring is launched, the Ark activates access points so sentinels can finalize preparations. Atriox must be using these points to send his troops up."
  • Captain Cutter: "We have to stop the flow of Banished reinforcements getting to this access point before our forces on the Halo are overwhelmed. Once that's done, we can send our forces up to clean the Banished off the ring."
  • Anders: "And Captain, if I may... please try to limit collateral damage while you're down there. The Foundry is literally the birthplace of the Halos. There's so much we could learn from it about Slipspace travel, gravitational manipulation, or building the biggest guns the galaxy has ever seen. Just... don't blow it up."

Mission Summary

Push back the Banished invasion to reach the Halo's Control Room.

Scouting Report

Blisterback artillery units have been spotted in the area. Use Cyclops units to take them out.

In-game cutscene

Massive numbers of Banished troops are gathered at the entrance point. A Jiralhanae Warlord accompanied by two Sangheili Honor Guards and a squad of Grunts reaches the access point as it ascends and they teleport onto the ring.

Two Jackrabbits advance to scout ahead but Banished Blisterbacks attack them, causing the Jackrabbits to perform evasive maneuvers.

  • Jackrabbit: "Spirit of Fire Actual, I can't find a single breach in the Banished's barricade."

A Banished Spirit, squads of infantry, and Blisterbacks are taking up position to stop UNSC from advancing as Hornets are flying to scout.

  • Captain Cutter: "We don't have time to try and blast our way through, every second we wait, the Banished are moving more troops onto the ring through that access point. We've got to reach the Foundry and stop the Banished boarding the ring."

Hornets find Val 'Saham overseeing the repair the Scarab.

  • Anders: "That Scarab's plasma beam could easily destroyed Banished's barricades. If we could capture it, that is."
  • Captain Cutter: "I know just the people for the job. Alice, Douglas? Fight your way through and capture that Scarab."
  • Douglas-042: "It'll be a pleasure."


The Banished are attacking the UNSC Forward base with heavy force.

  • Squad Leader: "Hold them back! Spirit of Fire, we need back up! We can't hold out much longer!"
  • Captain Cutter: "Support's on it's way, hang on."

Two lines of Archer Missiles are set towards the Banished, annihilating them. Soon after Douglas and Alice's Pelican arrives, dropping Scorpion Tanks ODSTs and Cyclopes each along with Douglas and Alice.

  • Douglas-042: "Put us down here, pilot."
  • Squad Leader: "Thanks Spartan. We haven't be able to make much headway since we've been here!"
  • Douglas-042: "We're here to change that."

More Banished infantry units arrive but are easily annihilated by the new UNSC reinforcements. The Marines are now under the player's command.

  • Alice-130: "We've got new orders. We're going to capture a Scarab so we can take down the barricades."
  • Squad Leader: "This I gotta see. You've got our guns."

They start to advance, leaving the Minibase behind.

  • Douglas-042: "They've got Blisterbacks guarding the valley. They'll bombard us all the way to the Scarab if we don't take them out now."

They find a Blisterback guarded by infantry but quickly UNSC annihilates the Banished units.

  • Isabel: "Better hurry up, they're moving more troop to that Scarab. I think it's nearly repaired."
  • Captain Cutter: "If we don't get there before the Banished repair it, there will be no way for us to breach their defenses."
  • Douglas-042: "You know, Alice. I've always wanted to drive one of those things..."
  • Alice-130: "Okay, you're up. One of us should stay on the ground, anyways. Don't say I never give you anything."

They start to advance again, taking out Banished's minibase and Blisterbacks guarding it.

  • Isabel: "Keep destroying those facilities and they'll have fewer troops to put in the Halo."

The Banished send more troops to stop UNSC, but UNSC keeps advancing while annihilating them.

  • Douglas-042: "They really don't want us to getting to that Scarab!"
  • Alice-130: "Too bad! Just line 'em up and knock 'em down!"

UNSC continues advancing through valley, annihilating Banished infantry garrisoned there while Blisterbacks are deployed uphill.

  • Alice-130: "We've got another Blisterback nearby!"

Having enough of the Blisterbacks, Alice decide to hijack it and use it against Banished.

UNSC continues onward until it reaches the Scarab, where Val 'Saham is overseeing the repairs as Scarab Commander.

  • Val 'Saham: "You shall not take our Scarab, demons! Shipmaster, I have the humans' location!"
  • Isabel: "Spartans, the Banished have the Honor Guard overseeing the repair of Scarab."
  • Douglas-042: "Excellent. It's been a while since I tussled with an Honor Guard."

The battle for the Scarab has begun. UNSC defeats Blisterbacks before they're deployed into siege mode along with Banshee escorts while Huragok are almost finished repairing the Scarab.

  • Val 'Saham: "You destroyed our carrier, demons! I shall see your remains scattered to the winds!"

Val 'Saham decides to join the battle to stop UNSC.

  • Val 'Saham: "I, Val 'Saham, will return to my clan with your heads."

When dying, Val 'Saham continues to attack relentlessly even though he is outnumbered and outgunned by UNSC.

  • Val 'Saham: "This is for my fallen brothers!"

Val 'Saham is finally eliminated shortly after that.

  • Alice-130: "The Honor Guard is out of picture! Douglas, you're up!"

Douglas leaps to the Scarab and enters it. The Scarab is now operational.

  • Douglas-042: "This sure beats a Warthog!"

Douglas find Banished infantry trying to stop them.

  • Douglas-042: "I can do this blindfold, coming through."

Douglas annihilates them with ease.

  • Douglas-42: "Think I just stepped in something."

Alice reminds Douglas not to be overjoyed at this.

  • Alice-130: "Douglas, destroy that barrier! We don't all have a Scarab, remember?"
  • Captain Cutter: "Douglas, that Scarab is still vulnerable to air and anti-vehicle units. Make sure you have a support force to respond quickly to attacks. We cannot afford to lose it."
  • Douglas-042: "Copy that, sir."

The UNSC defeats all infantry that try to stop the Scarab. Once they reach the barricade, Douglas uses the Scarab to destroy it. Once destroyed, UNSC moves forward.

  • Douglas-042: "Barricades down, Alice. Send them in!"
  • Alice-130: "Move in, troops!"
  • Captain Cutter: "Alice, protect the Scarab until it's destroyed the barricades and cleared a path through for our troops."

UNSC encounters a Banished base and units guarding it.

  • Captain Cutter: "Take that base down, we're going to need every edge to push forward."

Douglas attacks the base while the UNSC attacks units that engage the Scarab. When the base is destroyed:

  • Douglas-042: "Alice, we have to get you one of these too!"
  • Captain Cutter: "Get a base ready, you're going to need additional troops to support that Scarab."

The UNSC calls in a base drop and clears out any units that are attempting to destroy the Scarab.

  • Alice-130: "Banshees! Keep them away from the Scarab!"

Defeating the Banshees, a base has been constructed.

  • Isabel: "The Banished have established bases at the edge of the Foundry. They're sending troops up to the Halo using the nearby access point."
  • Captain Cutter: "It's vital you destroy those bases, team. If we don't stop the Banished reinforcing that Halo, our troops there will have no chance to hold it."
  • Isabel: "And by my estimation, we don't have long."
  • Alice-130: "Then let's make sure we win."

The timer countdown starts from 30 minutes.

Once the UNSC forces are assembled, Douglas start destroying the barricades north of the base.

Once the barricade is destroyed, they encounter group of Banished forces and annihilate them.

  • Douglas-042: "Spirit of Fire Actual, the barricade is cleared. We've got a path to the Foundry now, sir."
  • Captain Cutter: "Good work, team. Keep that Scarab functioning, we can't afford to lose it now!"

The UNSC starts advancing. They encounter more Blisterbacks ahead and a Banished base.

  • Douglas-042: "Banished base detected, dead ahead."
  • Alice-130: "Douglas - let's clean house."
  • Douglas-042: "I hear that."

When the timer reaches 23 minutes.

  • Isabel: "If we don't destroy that base soon, we won't be able to stop the Banished!"

The UNSC destroys group of Blisterbacks and starts attacking the base.

The Banished starts reinforcing the base as Douglas start to attack it while Alice leads the ground units to defend the Scarab

When the base is finally destroyed:

  • Douglas-042: "Another base down, let's push onto the Halo Forge."

The UNSC regroups and advances to the east first to clear the area of the Banished, and destroys a base.

  • Isabel: "Another facility down!"

When the timer reaches 15 minutes.

  • Isabel: "The Banished are still loading troops onto the Halo! We're running out of time!"

The UNSC continue to push and encounters another Banished armored group and Banshees.

  • Douglas-042: "Banshees incoming! Keep them off me, I'm a little busy!"
  • Alice-130: "We've got a welcome party waiting for us!"

Pushing ahead, more Blisterbacks approach.

  • Douglas-042: "More Blisterbacks inbound!"

The UNSC continue to break through their defenses and approach the last Banished base.

A battle breaks out and UNSC finally are able to destroy it with minimal injured.


Alice quickly approaches the access point with her Warthog while a Scorpion tank, two squads of Marines, and three Hellbringers approache the site.

  • Isabel: "You did it! They won't be able to send any more of their troops!"

UNSC forces are gathered while two Pelicans carry in a Grizzly Tank.

  • Douglas-042: "I enjoyed that, sir. What are our next orders?"

Alice leaps out from Warthog Gunner seat while Douglas comes out of the Scarab.

  • Captain Cutter: "We need you on the installation. We may have stopped the Banished flow of reinforcements, but Atriox already has a sizable force on the ring."

The UNSC starts to rally on the entrance of the access point to Installation 09.

  • Captain Cutter: "Use the access point to get yourselves to the ring and set a charge to destroy it behind you. Jerome is already en route, report to him when you arrive."
  • Douglas-042: "Yes, sir. It'll be good to get the whole team back together again."

Douglas and Alice disappear into the installation.

Level ends

Mission Complete

Leader powers[edit]

  • Restoration Drones I, II and III
  • Archer Missiles I, II and III
  • Battle Hardened I
  • Lotus Mine I and II
  • ODST Drop
  • Turret Drop I and II
  • R&D I
  • Holographic Decoy I

Initial Structures and Units[edit]

  • Alice-130
  • Douglas-042
  • 1600 Supply
  • 300 Power
  • 2 Scorpion Tanks
  • 2 ODSTs
  • 2 Marines (Full Upgrade)
  • 2 Cyclops
  • 2-slot Minibase (Not available until first base is complete.)
    • Supply Pad
    • Barracks



  • The Scarab on this level is not equipped with thrasher missiles due to the damage sustained in the crash, and is therefore unable to attack air units.


  • The Marines in the beginning of mission are fully upgraded with RPG and Combat Technician. They are the only units that can heal your units, so make sure not to let them die.
  • Create a shortcut when you establish your base by destroying the barricades to the south. The minibase at the early level will not be attacked since the Banished have to get through the UNSC base first.
  • Bring at least some Hornets and Nightingales as an escort for the Scarab.
  • Quickly establish a base once you destroy a Banished base for faster reinforcements.


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