Not on My Watch

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What Could Go Wrong?

Not on My Watch
HW2 Not on My Watch.jpg


Halo Wars 2


Major Vaughan


May 1, 2559


Installation 00


  • Prevent the Forerunner Ship from launching
  • Disable charging columns (4)
  • Clear the launch area of Banished
  • Activate the terminal
  • Kill the Hunter Captain
  • Finish the mission without losing any Colossus units
  • Destroy the Banished Forerunner ship supplies
  • Disable the Controller Sentinel shields (4)
  • Destroy enemy units and buildings with the Colossus Stomp (15)
  • Kill Hunter Captain in three minutes
  • Kill Goliaths (10)

Par Time:



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Major Vaughan and his ODST team battle to stop the Banished from launching a Forerunner ship.

Not on My Watch is the fourteenth campaign level in Halo Wars 2, and the last of the Halo Wars 2: Operation: SPEARBREAKER expansion.




Mission Briefing

  • Vaughan: "When Isabel and Jerome destroyed the Enduring Conviction, the Banished became as stranded as we were. And now they've found a way to break the stalemate."
  • Quinn: "They're using Engineers to hack into the Ark's local systems to prep the ship for launch."
  • Vaughan: "If we find those systems, can you stop those Engineers, Quinn?"
  • Quinn: "Spirit of Fire scans show there's a terminal near the ship itself. I've got a decryption package. I'll do what I can."
  • Vaughan: "Okay, that'll be our backup plan. We'll try a Condor assault first."

Mission Summary

Stop the Forerunner ship from launching.

Scouting Report

Pelican Transports can be used to quickly move your army around the battlefield.

{In-game cutscene}

While the Banished are heading towards the Forerunner launch site, a Condor Gunship approaches it and starts the assault. The Banished ignore the Condor as it attacks the launch site, and an EMP bursts from the launch site, destroying the Condor.

Back on Sunray 1-1's position, the light bridge behind them is out.

  • COMMS OFFICER 2: "The last feeds from our Condor showed several charging columns linked directly to the ship, providing energy for the launch."
  • Vaughan: "We won't be able to stop them launching that ship if we can't even get near it. Let's get down there and disable those charging columns."


The countdown timer starts at 15 minutes and Sunray 1-1 starts advancing.

  • COMMS OFFICER 2: "Vaughan, our techs have been tracking the ship's launch orientation to estimate where it's heading, but then we realized it's pointed towards US. It's maintaining a constant collision course with the Spirit of Fire!"

Sunray 1-1 approaches one of the charging columns. A Huragok and Banished infantry are defending it.

  • Vaughan: "The Banished aren't trying to contact reinforcements, they're using the ship as a weapon. A direct hit from that would destroy the Spirit of Fire! Alert the Captain, but we have to stop that now. First up, we've got to disable those charging columns."

Sunray 1-1 clear the Banished out from the charging columns.

  • Vaughan: "All clear."
  • Quinn: "A direct application of kinetic energy should be applied here."
  • Vaughan: "You know, you could just say 'shoot it'."

Sunray 1-1 attacks the charging columns and, once destroyed, the ground shakes.

  • Vaughan: "It's moving. What's happening?"
  • Quinn: "All I know is that the Sentinels didn't like it!"

Some Aggressor Sentinels approach the charging column site and Sunray 1-1 engages them.

  • Quinn: "Vaughan, Forerunner defense systems must have moved the charging device down into the base plate. We're going to need a pretty large hit to the platform to disable it now."
  • Vaughan: "I know just a thing. We need a Colossus mech on the double. Contact Spirit of Fire and tell them to standby with a base drop and a Colossus pad."

Quinn finds two potential spots for the base construction.

  • Quinn: "There are two potential locations for a base drop, but we've got to move fast. It says the launch sequence has started!"

Sunray 1-1 approaches the closest base site and calls in a base drop. They also call the Colossus drop while they are waiting for construction.

  • Quinn: "Colossus en route, stand back!"

A Colossus drops in to the base.

  • Colossus: "Colossus, ready to go."
  • Vaughan: "Get that Colossus to the charging column - and hit it hard."

Reaching the charging column found earlier, a Spirit Dropship approaches and drops off Banished units to defend it.

  • Vaughan: "The Banished are trying to stop us from getting to the charging column. Show them what a Colossus can do."

While clearing the area, the base construction is completed.

Once the area is clear, the Colossus stomps on the charging column and shuts it down.

  • Vaughan: "It's working. The charging column is shutting down."

On the launch site, the ship shakes violently and the timer extended by 10 minutes.

  • Colony: "Error. Launch compromised. Huragok, compensate. Stop human interference."
  • Quinn: "That's slowed down the launch of the ship and given us more time."
  • Vaughan: "We've got to get a Colossus to each of the other charging columns and shut them down. Once they're all shut down, that should neutralize the energy field around the ship, and we'll be able to reach it and disable for good."

Sunray 1-1 decide to clear the area of Banished silos for extra resources.

  • Vaughan: "We're getting there, team. Keep up the pace."

Once enough forces are built, Sunray 1-1 starts advancing and encounters a Controller Sentinel fighting Banished units.

  • Vaughan: "Controller Sentinel, hang back."

Quinn notices the tether beam linked to the Controller Sentinel.

  • Quinn': "Check out the beam, though. It's attached to the nearby power node. If we shut down the node, it may weaken the shields."

Once the Banished are eliminated, the Controller Sentinel resumes patrol.

  • Vaughan: "It's on patrol path, hold back until it's moved on."

They start tailing the Controller Sentinel from a distance.

  • Vaughan: "If we keep this up, we may just make it in time."

Reaching the power node tethering the Controller Sentinel, Sunray 1-1 start capturing it to disable the shield. Once completed, the Sentinel's back becomes exposed.

  • Vaughan: "Energy shield down. You know the drill, focus fire at the rear!"

Once destroyed, they approach the second charging column. Nearby, they spot a Banished base and engage it while avoiding another Controller Sentinel that was on patrol.

If the timer reaches 5 minutes before launch.

  • Vaughan: "We've got to step up the pace, it's getting close to launch."

When attacking the charging columns while clearing the area, some Aggressor Sentinels appear and the UNSC quickly defeats them. Once defeated, the Colossus stomps on the column and the charging stops, as the time extends again by 10 minutes.

  • Quinn: "Second charging column out of action."

The Forerunner ship shakes again and Colony give another warning.

  • Colony: "Humans. Final Warning. Abstain or be undone."
  • Vaughan: "Sounds like we've got 'em rattled, though. Let's keep moving."

The UNSC goes to the power node to shut it down. Once it's shut down, the UNSC uses a Holo-Decoy to distract the Controller Sentinel and destroy it from the rear.

If stalled to the last five minutes.

  • Vaughan: "Pick it up, Helljumpers. We don't have time to waste."

The UNSC advances again and reaches another charging column.

  • Quinn: "Spotted a charging column. Send in a Colossus."

The UNSC clears the area of Banished and Aggressor Sentinels after damaging the column. The Colossus stomp on the column to deactivate it. The timer extends by 10 minutes.

  • Quinn: "Charging column down."

The Forerunner ship shakes again.

The UNSC advances to the last charging column while also spotting a Controller Sentinel and disabling another power node. Once exposed, a Holo-Decoy is used to distract it while the UNSC destroy it from the rear.

If the player stalls to the last five minutes for third time.

  • Vaughan: "That ship's close to launching, we've got to move faster."

Spotting the final charging column, they encounter a Banished base and a Controller Sentinel nearby.

  • Quinn: "The final charging column is over here! I need a Colossus."

After clearing the area of Banished and destroying the charging column, the Colossus stomps on it.

  • Quinn: "The field is down. The ship isn't receiving energy anymore, but we can't hold out against the Banished forever."
  • Vaughan: "Then we're not done yet. The ship should be safe to approach now. Let's get in there and make sure it stays grounded for good."

The Forerunner ship shakes from disabled charging energy but the timer is still counting.

  • Vaughan: "Move it, Helljumpers! We've got to stop that launch."

Approaching the launch site, Colony orders all of the Banished troops in the area to stop them.

  • Colony: "Hold fast. As one, eliminate."
  • Vaughan: "We've got incoming, Helljumpers. Clear them out!"

The battle breaks out at the launch site.

  • Vaughan: "If they want an explosion, let's not keep them waiting."

The UNSC clears the area of the Banished. Once the area is clear, they regroup at the terminal.

  • Vaughan: "Area's clear. Quinn, let's get to that terminal and stop the launch."

Once Sunray 1-1 reaches the terminal, they shut down the ship.

  • Quinn: "Give me a sec...okay launch stopped."
  • Vaughan: "Good work, Quinn. Now let's scuttle that ship and make sure they can't use it again."

A portal opens and a Hunter Captain comes out of it, while a Spirit Dropship drops some infantry support.

  • Colony: "As one, end them."
  • Vaughan: "They just come in all shapes, don't they?"

The UNSC start to engage the Hunter Captain. When it reaches 66%, a portal opens and transports the Hunter Captain away. Goliaths start to appear and heal the Hunter Captain.

  • Quinn: "Looks like the big ones are shielding the, uh, less big one."
  • Vaughan: "Focus fire on the Goliaths first, take out the shields!"

After defeating the Goliaths, the UNSC continues to engage the Hunter Captain. When it reaches 50% health, it teleports again and the UNSC have to clear the area to avoid orbital bombardment.

More Banished drop into the field while Goliaths heal the Hunter Captain. The UNSC focuses fire on Goliath and Banished before continuing dealing with the Hunter Captain. They also have to avoid glassing beams.

After a tough fight, the UNSC defeats the Hunter Captain.

  • Quinn: "If I never see a worm again..."
  • Vaughan: "You and me both. Let's get some charges on that ship, Helljumpers."

{In-game cutscene}

The UNSC watch the launch site as Sunray 1-1 are approaching the ship with in Hornets and throw satchel charges onto it.

  • Vaughan: "Charges away. Quinn, drop that ship down. We don't want it surface level when the payload blows."

The UNSC moves away from the launch site as Quinn activates the terminal, lowering the ship further into the ground. As the Forerunner ship drops, the explosives detonate and is finally destroyed.

  • Vaughan: "Spirit of Fire, this is Boomerang Company. Mission successful, over."
  • COMMS OFFICER 2: "Good work, Boomerang Company. We're sending in Hornets for extraction. The Captain is going to want to thank you personally when you get back."

Hornets arrive at the Landing Zone to extract Sunray 1-1.

  • COMMS OFFICER 2: "Perimeter looks clear. Our teams are sweeping for any last Banished stragglers now."
  • Vaughan: "Roger that, Spirit of Fire. The ship is out of the picture and we're heading back."

Some Pelicans arrive at the other Landing Zones to extract infantry.

  • Quinn: "Isabel's going to have plenty of Forerunner tech to investigate once we've set up a research outpost here."
  • Vaughan: "It'd be good to give her a new one, and even better that we took it from the Banished for her."

Vaughan and Quinn sit on the Hornet, passing through UNSC forces that are on site.

  • Vaughan: "Good drop, Helljumpers. We did good today. Let's go home."

Another Hornet and Pelican follow behind Vaughan and Quinn. The scene cuts to black as the Pelican fills the screen.

Mission Complete

Level ends

Unit Deployment[edit]

  • 1 Condor Gunship (Destroyed)
  • 1 ODSTs (Hero Unit)
  • 3000 Supplies
  • 600 Power

Leader Power[edit]

  • Restoration Drones I, II and III
  • Scatter Bomb I and II
  • Bunker Drop I and II
  • Remote Sensors I
  • ODST Drop I
  • Pelican Transport I and II
  • Mech Overcharge I and II
  • Holographic Decoy II
  • Grizzly Battalion I


The following achievement can be unlocked on Not on My Watch across the Xbox One and Windows 10 editions of Halo Wars 2.

Halo Wars 2 Title Unlock requirement Games
HW2 Achievement NoFlyZone.png
Vidmaster Challenge: No fly zone
Gain Gold medal and complete all objectives in "Not on My Watch" on Legendary.
Halo Wars 2



  • You will have 55 minutes in total to disable Forerunner Ship on this mission. The mission start will give you 15 minutes and each disabled charging column will extend the time by 10 minutes.
  • Do not approach the launch site until all charging columns has been deactivated to avoid casualties.
  • The Grizzly Battalion leader power can deploy three Grizzly tanks that deal heavy damage, but they occupy a large percentage of your population. Build Nightingales to heal them.
  • Prioritize your attacks on the Goliaths when the Hunter Captain summons them. Their abilities effectively prevents the Hunter Captain from taking any damage.

Bonus and Optional Objective[edit]

  • Have at least one Nightingale as an escort for Colossus to keep it alive. The first one must survive to complete the optional objective.
    • On higher difficulties, consider keeping the Colossus away from the Hunter Captain during the final battle, because the Hunter Captain's anti-vehicle attacks would deal a lot of damage to the Colossus.
  • The Forerunner Ship supplies are situated around the Forerunner Ship. Keep your distance when attacking, because destroying the supplies will cause explosions that destroy any nearby units.
  • Controller Sentinels are invulnerable until you have captured the tether nodes linked to them. Wait for the Controller Sentinels to patrol away from the node, and use the ODST hero unit to capture the node. The ODST hero unit has enough health to complete the capture even when the Controller Sentinel returns to the node and attacks the ODSTs.
  • Use Colossus Stomp on the scenery Banished buildings and resource silos. A single Colossus Stomp can destroy Power and Supply Silos when the Colossus is close enough.
  • Build 4 to 6 fully-upgraded Snipers to defeat the Hunter Captain under three minutes.
    • Snipers are also very handy in quickly taking down Goliaths. However, they are easily countered by Locusts which can also deal damage from afar.
  • Goliaths can be found near Banished bases and the charging columns. However, there are not enough Goliaths on the map to complete the optional objective until the final battle with the Hunter Captain, which will summon additional Goliaths to heal itself during the battle.



  • When deactivating the terminal, Vaughan is the one who says to scuttle the ship, but the subtitles and character icon mistakenly attributed the dialogue to Quinn.


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