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This article is about the Halo Wars 2 campaign level. For the Halo 2 multiplayer map, see Ascension.


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Halo Wars 2


James Cutter


March 28, 2559


Installation 00


  • Gain access to the Cartographer
  • Reactivate the lightbridge
  • Hijack the Wraith
  • Clear the area of Banished troops
  • Establish a forward base
  • Build a Supply Pad and Generator (2)
  • Build an Airpad
  • Capture the Control Towers (3)
  • Secure the elevator entrance
  • Destroy the Banished base
  • Destroy the hidden facility (4)
  • Destroy the Banished's vehicle Foundries (3)
  • Kill squads with a hijacked vehicle (20)
  • Destroy vehicles with a Cyclops (20)
  • Destroy vehicles using Hornets (20)
  • User the Archer Missile leader power (3)

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Ascension is the third campaign level in Halo Wars 2.




Mission Briefing

  • Captain Cutter: "The intelligence we captured at Decimus' base indicates the Banished are using something called, "The Cartographer." What can you tell us, Isabel?
  • Isabel: "The Cartographer is the map of everything in The Ark; that means Atriox could use it to locate key systems and weapons on this installation."
  • Anders: "Isabel and I have been going the data over Decimus' base and we found a way into the Cartographer...but it's not going to be easy. The Cartographer's defenses make it almost impenetrable; the only way up to it is by a Forerunner elevator. If you can get access to the local Forerunner towers I can take control of the elevator and take us up. It's our only chance of getting inside."
  • Captain Cutter: "We'll have to take it. We need to hit the Banished again before they find out what we discovered at their base. Get to the Cartographer and find out what Atriox is planning. But be careful, the Banished may still have traffic moving along the route."

Mission Summary

Capture Forerunner Control Towers to gain access to the Cartographer.

Scouting Report

Hornets are on standby at the Spirit of Fire, ready to counter any enemy heavy armor.

{In-game cutscene}

A Hornet flies by. Two Pelicans arrive on the beach while three Cyclopes are already on station. The Pelicans drop Warthogs and leave.

  • Jerome-092: "Okay, listen up, team. You've all been chosen for this mission because you've seen plenty of action."

Another Pelican arrives and drops Jerome. A Hornet arrives to oversee the units deployed on the ground and leave together with the Pelican.

  • Jerome-092: "We can't send a large force in without alerting Atriox to our presence so I need the best."
  • Marines: "Ooh-rah!"

The units assemble on Jerome's position.

  • Jerome-092: "Scout out the area. The Banished may still have troops moving along the routes near the Cartographer."


Jerome leads the UNSC in scouting the area, and finds a destroyed Banished mining facility.

  • Jerome-092: "Spirit of Fire, we've found destroyed Banished mining equipment. Do we have another team down here?"
  • Captain Cutter: "Negative. It sounds like we have another party in the mix. Be careful, the enemy of our enemy is not necessarily our friend."

The UNSC then moves on and finds that the camp has been completely destroyed. Dead bodies of Banished troops are all over the place.

  • Jerome-092: "Isabel, have you seen anything like this before?"
  • Isabel: "It's a massacre! Anyone that could do this to the Banished isn't someone we want to run into."
  • Jerome-092: "Agreed. But whatever happened here we still have a job to do. Let's keep moving."

UNSC forces continue ahead until they reach the light bridge. It is still operational, but Choppers start attacking them from the other side of the bridge.

  • Jerome-092: "Banished vehicles! Send in our Cyclopes!"

The Cyclopes move and defeat the Choppers, but the bridge is deactivated.

  • Jerome-092: "Wait here, I'll see if I can find a way around to get that light bridge back online."

Jerome then leaps to the upper cliff and kills Banished troops watching them until he reaches the other side of the bridge where a Wraith is guarding it. Jerome decides to hijack it.

  • Jerome-092: "Mind if I take this?"

After hijacking the Wraith, some Banished squads attack Jerome. He clears them out.

  • Jerome-092: "I'm across. Activating the light bridge now."

Once the bridge is activated, the Warthogs and Cyclopes pass the bridge and the barrier ahead of Jerome is deactivated.

  • Banished: "Take the humans down! Your bones will make a fine ornaments!"

The UNSC defeats them and destroys two of their Augmented Excavators. They continue ahead until they see the Banished being routed by a swarm of Sentinels.

  • Jerome-092: "Spirit of Fire, we've found out who's been attacking the Banished mining operations here."
  • Isabel: "Looks like the Ark will only tolerate so much abuse before launching Sentinels to defend itself. This has be related to the Banished using the Cartographer..."
  • Captain Cutter: "Jerome, I've marked a location for a base drop just ahead."

The Fog of War prevents player from seeing any further.

  • Captain Cutter: "Isabel, update the Professor with anything she needs to know about the Forerunner control towers."

The UNSC continues moving to a location that Cutter has marked for the base drop. Once they arrive, they call for the base.

  • Captain Cutter: "We're dropping in a base now. The Professor will brief you on your mission while you wait."
  • Anders: "The only way to access the Cartographer is by way of an elevator the Banished currently have on lockdown."

Anders then tags the place where the Forerunner Control Tower is. The first Tower is guarded by hordes of Suicide Grunts.

  • Anders: "To open it up, I need you to capture three Forerunner Control Towers near the elevator. I'm sending them on your map now."

The UNSC advances to the second Tower which is guarded by Banished Wraiths.

  • Anders: "Capturing these towers will get me access to elevator controls."

At the third Tower, a pair of Hunters and multiple infantry squads are protecting it.

  • Anders: "The Banished won't want us reaching the Cartographer, so they'll fight hard to keep control of them."

Back at the base, the Command Center has already been established with seven building sockets and four turret sockets available.

  • Captain Cutter: "You're going to need a bigger army to capture those towers, Spartan. Build a Supply Pad and Generator first so you have a steady income of resources."

The player calls for basic production. The Supply Pad, Generator and Airpad are unlocked to construct.

  • Captain Cutter: "You should also request an Airpad so you can start building air units. We already know the Banished have Wraith tanks in the area, so you'll need air units to effectively counter them."

The player immediately calls the Airpad for construction.

  • Captain Cutter: "Keep in mind that air units are vulnerable to ranged infantry, so make sure you're using the right unit for the right job."
  • Isabel: "Captain, we're detecting an enemy units moving on Jerome's position!"
  • Captain Cutter: "Get some Hornets down there now to counter those Wraiths!"

Four Hornets arrived as reinforcements to counter the Wraiths' assault.

  • Captain Cutter: "Get those Hornets ready, Jerome! Here they come!"

The Banished launch the assault on the UNSC base. They are engaged by Jerome and the available UNSC units.

  • Captain Cutter: "There's more enemy units dropping in from the east, Spartan!"

Wraiths and Choppers are inbound from the east.

  • Captain Cutter: "Hostiles incoming from the north!"

More of the Wraiths are coming in from the north and the UNSC quickly repels them before they can damage the base.

  • Captain Cutter: "It looks like that was the last drop for now, but they'll be back. Remember you can build Hornets at your Airpad to replace any you've lost. Now start pushing on capture those Control Towers while the enemy is regrouping."
  • Jerome-092: "Understood, sir. Let's take those towers, troops."

A Hornet spots the hidden Banished facility on a small island in the east.

  • Isabel: "Well, well. What do we have here?"
  • Jerome-092: "Looks like they were trying to keep this facility hush-hush. Let's make a mess of it."

The UNSC spots where the Banished are manufacturing their Wraiths as the Hornets scout ahead while assembling forces.

  • Jerome-092: "This must be where they're manufacturing their Wraiths."
  • Isabel: "I don't think that's their only facility. I'm detecting several similar structure in the area."
  • Captain Cutter: "Sabotaging those buildings will slow the enemy's ability to produce Wraiths. It could give us the edge we need."

The UNSC destroys the production facility, making it available as a 1-slot minibase.

  • Captain Cutter: "Good work, Spartan. Each Foundry you destroyed diminishes the number of Wraiths you'll face in the field."

After assembling forces, Jerome leads the UNSC and advances to capture each of the Forerunner Control Towers while also searching for another Foundry. The UNSC then finds another Foundry and destroys it.

  • Jerome-092: "That's another Foundry out of action."

The UNSC finds the last Foundry and destroys it.

  • Isabel: "Yes! That was the last one. That'll put in serious dent in Wraith production."

The UNSC captures one of the Control Towers.

  • Jerome-092: "We've taken one of the Control Towers. Let's make sure it stays ours while we take the others."

The Spirit of Fire's defensive capabilities come online.

  • Captain Cutter: "Jerome, Isabel's brought the Spirit of Fire's defensive capabilities online."

The progress starts, but it is still slow as the UNSC tries to capture more of the Control Towers. The Banished also fight to capture them.

  • Anders: "Jerome, I'm starting to make a progress on the elevator, but if you captured the other control towers. I'd be able to work faster."

UNSC and Banished forces fight for the control towers.

If the UNSC captures Control Tower A.

  • Anders: "We've captured Control Tower A!"

If the UNSC captures Control Tower B.

  • Anders: "We've captured Control Tower B!"

If the UNSC captures Control Tower C.

  • Anders: "We've captured Control Tower C!"

If Banished captures Control Tower A.

  • Anders: "The enemy has captured Control Tower A!"

If the Banished captures Control Tower B.

  • Anders: "The enemy has captured Control Tower B!"

If the Banished captures Control Tower C.

  • Anders: "The enemy has captured Control Tower C!"

When the UNSC reaches 1500 out of 3000 points.

  • Anders: "Keep going, we're halfway there!"

When the Banished reaches 1500 out of 3000 points.

  • Anders: "I'm losing control, Jerome! We need to stop the Banished from holding those Towers!"

If the UNSC and Banished reaches the same number of points:

  • Anders: "We're tied! There's still everything to fight for!"

When the UNSC reaches 2400 out of 3000 points.

  • Captain Cutter: "We're almost there, team. Stay strong."

When the Banished reaches 2400 out of 3000 points.

  • Cutter: "We're close to losing to the enemy, pick it up!"

The UNSC continue to defend the Control Towers while the Banished keep trying to retake them from UNSC.

  • Captain Cutter: "Just hold on a little longer, we're nearly there."

When the UNSC reaches 2700 out of 3000 points.

  • Anders: "We're close to winning the battle!"

When the Banished reaches 2700 out of 3000 points.

  • Anders: "We're close to losing the battle!"

The point reaches 3000 for UNSC and the elevator is unlocked.

  • Anders: "That's it! I've unlocked the elevator!"

The UNSC immediately secures the elevator.

{In-game Cutscene}

Three Cyclopes and a Warthog are guarding the entrance and a Pelican arrives, dropping Anders as she runs into the elevator.

  • Captain Cutter: "Good work, team. We've got a clear route to the Cartographer now."

Alternatively, if the player succeeded in destroying all the Foundries:

  • Captain Cutter: "Good work, team. We've got a clear route to the Cartographer now and you hurt the Banished's Wraith production at the same time."
  • Jerome-092: "Feels good to have a win, sir."
  • Captain Cutter: "It may a bit early for celebrations, Jerome. Let's wait until we find out what Atriox has been planning at the Cartographer."

On the elevator, Marines are ready to escort Anders to the Cartographer.

Level ends

Leader powers[edit]

  • Restoration Drones I (Automatically upgraded)
  • Archer Missiles I
  • Battle Hardened I

Initial units[edit]

  • Jerome-092
  • 1500 Supply
  • 500 Power
  • 3 Cyclopes
  • 2 Warthogs


  • The Paintball skull is awarded after destroying the Banished base in the northwest. The Pain Train skull is awarded after destroying the hidden facility in the east.
  • The contest for the points will not trigger until the player captures their first Control Tower.



  • Try to split your forces to destroy every Foundry and Banished base to smooth the operation, but don't forget to capture the control towers and defend them as well.
  • Hornets can be used to scout ahead to measure the enemy's manpower.
  • A second base can be constructed west of Control Tower Alpha. This base can act as forward base to reinforce Control Tower Bravo.
  • Destroy the main Banished base, as this will eliminate all Banished resistance in the area.
    • It is possible to clear all the Banished forces before capturing Control Points. If there are no Banished left in the area, the player will be able to complete the objective unopposed.
    • Alternatively, keep a large force at Control Tower Bravo to both intercept incoming Banished forces and maintain control over the tower.

Bonus and Optional Objectives[edit]

  • The Banished's base at the north is heavily fortified.
    • Bring a mixture of Hellbringers and Cyclops to counter both infantry and vehicles.
    • Use the Archer Missiles leader power to destroy the base turrets during the assault.
  • The hidden facility is located on a small island east of your base. Guarded by a small infantry force, it serves as the main source for the Banished's Power resource.
  • Do NOT destroy all the Foundries if you want to complete the bonus objectives for destroying vehicles using Hornets or Cyclopes! Destroy two Foundries, then leave your Hornets or Cyclopes near the third to destroy Wraiths as they leave the Foundry.
  • Keep Jerome's Wraith alive, as its superior firepower would help with earning 20 squad kills. If it is destroyed, you can find another Wraith to hijack.
    • Wraiths can only be built from a Foundry, so destroying all of the Foundries for one of the Optional Objectives would make it more difficult to earn 20 squad kills with a hijacked vehicle.


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