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Technical specifications



One pilot


In service:

Second Ark Conflict


Combat Walker


The Banished[2]

"Reaver ready to take down some air units."
— A Reaver pilot during the Second Ark Conflict.[2]

The Reaver is a bipedal anti-aircraft walker used by the Banished.[2] The Reaver is capable of using its missiles as a propulsion system briefly in order to cover long distances or smash into enemies, similar to a Spartan's ground pound.

Operational history[edit]

The Reaver is a relatively new addition to the Banished arsenal, and its manufacturer is unknown-though it bears telltale marks of both workshop and assembly vat construction, which hints at an origin on Doisac. They have largely replaced the Type-52 Anti-Aircraft Wraith and anti-aerospace fortifications in the Banished.[1] The Banished deployed many Reavers against the crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire on Installation 00 in March 2559.[2]


Halo Wars 2[edit]

  • Info: Anti-Air, Detects cloaked units, Weak against vehicles
  • Tier: 2
  • Cost: Population 5, Supplies 175, Power 215

Reavers can be built at the Foundry by all Banished leaders. Reavers perform well against aircraft, but poorly against infantry, vehicles, and structures. In Blitz Reavers cost 60 energy and Prowling Reavers cost 80 energy. Prowling Reavers stay cloaked for 90 seconds.


  • Prowling Reaver: This variant was build to for the vehicle to stealthily approach the enemy.


The Reaver is seemingly based off the cut Gorgon from Halo Wars.


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