Gorgon (cut vehicle)

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This article is about the cut Halo Wars vehicle. For the UNSC heavy destroyer, see UNSC Gorgon.
This article contains information about a non-canonical subject that, while official, is not part of the established Halo universe.
Production information
Technical specifications


Heavy needlers



Mobile anti-aircraft defense



"...a bulbous, biped walker that used heavy Needlers to rip apart thin-skinned aircraft."
— Graeme Devine[1]

The Gorgon was intended to be a Covenant anti-air ground vehicle to appear in Halo Wars, likely filling a similar niche to the UNSC's Wolverine. It used two sturdy legs to carry a bulky chassis and was armed with heavy needlers capable of shooting down enemy aircraft. It was eventually deleted in favor of the Vampire for two reasons: it created a recognition problem, confusing players as to whether it was an infantry unit or a vehicle; and the Covenant had too many ground units already, instead needing more aircraft. The Vampire is likewise armed with heavy needler but also features a stasis cannon.

The Banished Reaver featured in Halo Wars 2 bears much resemblance to the Gorgon, and also fill's the Banished's anti-air role.