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This page discusses elements of deleted material and cut content. Some information on the page is sourced from game files and may not be verifiable through external sources. Where possible, such information should be clearly-marked and replaced with a proper external source as soon as one is available.
A screenshot of an early build of Halo Wars, depicting a large battle on a Halo ring, with multiple cut units.
One of the first promotional images released for Halo Wars, showcasing many units that would later be cut.
Image of a cut Gargoyle to use in Halopedia templates. Do not add to pages.

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Cut content


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During the development of Halo Wars, a large number of units, buildings, levels and more were cut from the game. This page serves as a central hub for such cut content.

Cut levels[edit]

Few levels are known to be cut from Halo Wars. For a full writeup, see here.

Cut units[edit]

Halo Wars saw the prototyping of dozens of units over the course of its production, many of which did not make it into the final game. For a full overview of these cut units, see here, or click on one of the links below to be taken directly to the relevant faction. The factions are the UNSC, Forerunner, and Covenant.

Cut buildings[edit]

The deployable base system of Halo Wars was developed over the years in response to the need to adapt real-time strategy for the Xbox 360. As such, these buildings went through many iterative phases, of which can be detailed here. Alternatively, click below to be taken directly to the relevant faction. The cut buildings for the factions are from the UNSC and Covenant factions.

Cut abilities[edit]

Alongside cut units and buildings, a number of leader powers and unit abilities were cut from the game at various points in development. See here for a full account of this content.

Miscellaneous cut content[edit]

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Early builds and prototypes[edit]


Main article: Phoenix (Ensemble pitch)

When originally conceived, Halo Wars was to take the form of an original IP by Ensemble Studios codenamed Phoenix.

Halo Wars Alpha[edit]

Main article: Halo Wars Alpha

Also known as the "Sway" alpha, this early build of Halo Wars is dated February 21, 2008 and was used in a private test for Halo Wars done over Xbox LIVE.[1]