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Hey, sorry for the late response - I've been away over the weekend and only had access to my phone, so I was unable to take a deeper look into things. I don't disagree with your reasoning here, though there are a few notes to make. The Stalker species should be classed in with CE cut content as per the commentary on the Halo 2 DVD - something which I have in my work in progress writeup for the CE cut ambient life and creatures. As for the MMO, I do think including some info about it on the box may be good though we have a lot of cancelled games we also cover - so it's something interesting to consider. As a whole, the navbox is due a huge overhaul though, it's a bit messy right now.


Hi, thanks for your edits to the Deleted Material template. Unfortunately, I've had to revert them as we do not have any need to make individual pages for each piece of cut content; my major project over the past year has been cutting down on these pages in favour of larger Cut Halo X pages.

With this in mind, I will also soon be removing the information you added to the Halo CE ambient life pages in favour of a similar large sandbox page which I currently have a large WIP writeup on.