Cut Halo 2 creatures, enemies and ambient life

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This page discusses elements of deleted material and cut content. Some information on the page is sourced from game files and may not be verifiable through external sources. Where possible, such information should be clearly-marked and replaced with a proper external source as soon as one is available.

During the development of Halo 2, a number of creature designs were considered for inclusion by Bungie to serve the role of enemies, ambient AI and other miscellaneous NPCs. Not all of these concepts made it to full 3D development.

Ambient life

Space jellyfish

The "space jellyfish" is a deleted species of ambient life which was to be featured in Halo 2. According to Dave Dunn, the space jellyfish was planned to appear in the campaign level The Arbiter (then known by the name alphagasgiant). It was conceptually based on hypothetical lifeforms which might exist in the atmospheres of gas giants such as Jupiter. Dunn was planning to have the space jellyfish make sounds which he described as "bloop bloop". However, another Bungie employee deemed the concept too preposterous, resulting in it being cut from the game.[1] However, its model is still present in the Halo 2 games files under the filename "Space_Blimp".[2]



Originally intended for inclusion in Halo: Combat Evolved, the Sharquoi are originally descended from the Drinniol - a species originally appearing in the Marathon franchise. The Sharquoi's concept art was featured in the Limited Collector's Edition behind the scenes documentary, while storyboards featuring them were later showcased. The storyboards in question showcase the Sharquoi as one of many species depicted on the Covenant murals intended to be used in the opening cutscene for Sacred Icon.[3]

The Sharquoi were saved from being rendered non-canon thanks to the release of Conversations from the Universe, with the Sharquoi mentioned in passing in a conversation between two Elites. The 2017 novel Halo: Envoy later expanded on the Sharquoi and their in-universe mythos.


Flood juggernaut

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Shielded carrier form



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