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Operational history

As the most common variant of the M12 Force Application Vehicle, the M12 Warthog LRV has been in service with the UNSC for over two centuries. They saw use throughout the Insurrection and into the Human-Covenant War.[1]

During the First Battle of Harvest, Staff Sergeants Johnson and Byrne took an M12 LRV in order to help protect a convoy of civilian vehicles attempting to escape from the besieged town of Gladsheim. They were successful in heavily wounding Jiralhanae Chieftain Maccabeus and rescuing a single human survivor. They were successful in leaving the town before it was completely destroyed by the Covenant cruiser Rapid Conversion. During the escape Maccabeus was seriously injured when he was rammed with the Warthog.[2] An M12 LRV belonging to General Black was commandeered by John-117 during his rescue of several survivors from the Corbulo Academy of Military Science during the Covenant's attack on Circinius IV in 2526. Driven by inexperienced driver Cadet Thomas Lasky, the Warthog was used in an effort to reach an evac location with John-117 and the members of Hastati Squad fighting off multiple Kig-Yar attackers on the roadway. The Warthog suffered damage from multiple hits, including a close-range plasma grenade blast and finally stopped after running over a Kig-Yar and could not be started again, forcing the squad and John-117 to abandon the vehicle.[3]

Towards the end of the Harvest Campaign in 2531, the Covenant launched a ferocious attack on UNSC Alpha Base, killing a large number of UNSC personnel. Surviving human forces were forced to fall back, including many M12 LRVs. The survivors were harassed by Banshees and other Covenant forces and were forced to hunker down and defend themselves. Fortunately, Sergeant John Forge was able to relieve the pinned down Marines. With many M12 LRVs and ground forces under his command, Forge was able to retake Alpha Base from the Covenant. Many more Warthogs were used during the UNSC attack on the Relic. They were successful in stopping the Covenant from destroying the structure.[4]

When the UNSC Spirit of Fire arrived at Arcadia, M12 LRVs were deployed along with many other UNSC assets in order to aid the Arcadian Patrol with evacuation efforts, the planet currently under attack by the Covenant. They were successful in evacuating hundreds of civilians from the besieged Pirth City aboard several cargo ships before retreating out of the city via the traffic tunnels. M12 Warthogs were used during the attack on a Covenant base outside Pirth City and, with the aid of Spartan teams Red and Omega were successful in this mission. They were further used during the battle to destroy a massive Covenant energy dome as well as the Type-29 Scarab being constructed within.[4]

Upon its arrival at the Etran Harborage, the Spirit of Fire deployed Warthogs as part of their efforts to establish a foothold on the planet, fighting against Covenant forces as well as the Flood and Forerunner constructs. They were used to help release a pair of M312 Elephants that were ensnared by Flood biomass during the UNSC's initial scouting efforts. Later, Spartan Red Team use a Warthog during their search for Professor Anders' signal. They soon come under attack from Flood forces and their Warthog is destroyed in a crash, forcing them to abandon it. Many more were part of the UNSC force dispatched to reinforce Red Team and destroy a Flood Proto-Gravemind in the area. When the Spirit of Fire finds itself being pulled into the shield world, Captain Cutter ordered all ground forces to return to the ship. Three platoons were stranded on the surface and a rescue force was dispatched to retrieve them, M12 LRVs among them. Sergeant Forge later lead a UNSC force including M12 Warthogs in an effort to destroy four fortified Covenant bases in order to establish an effective resistance to allow them to springboard their assault on the Apex Site. The UNSC soon attacked the Apex Site, deploying Warthogs alongside other ground forces to clear out Covenant and Flood resistance on the vast ramps leading up to the site itself. In the final engagement of the battle on the shield world, UNSC ground forces were deployed with the objective of opening six interlocks that would open the portal to be used by the Spirit of Fire in order to escape from the planet before Sergeant Forge activates the ships FTL Drive in the installation's star. Within thirty minutes, they were successful in their mission, allowing the Spirit of Fire to narrowly escape the planet as it is destroyed.[4]

The M12 Warthog LRV continued to see use throughout many engagements during the Human-Covenant War. During the Battle of Kholo, many M12 LRVs were used alongside other UNSC forces to attempt to hold of Covenant ground troops, but they were all destroyed during the battle.[5] When the Covenant attacked Algolis, UNSC ground forces deployed many M12 LRVs in order to protect Weapons Research Facility T12A as well as to aid in evacuation efforts. Many of these Warthogs were destroyed by Banshee fighters.[6]

During the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV, Corporal Harland and his fireteam used an M12 LRV to escape from Firebase Bravo in Grid 13 x 24 after the base was wiped out by a large contingent of Covenant soldiers including Mgalekgolo. While escaping, the Warthog came under attack from a pair of Banshees. Private Walker was paralysed with fear after seeing the rest of his unit wiped out by the Covenant, and was unable to fire his rocket launcher. Harland attempted to shoot down the Covenant fliers with the Warthog's chain gun but was unable to do so and the squad was only saved when the injured Private Cochran took Walker's rocket launcher and destroyed the Banshees. Soon afterwards, the fireteam was able to make it to Alpha Headquarters.[7]

During the early stages of the Fall of Reach, the Covenant dispatched a single corvette to attack Office of Naval Intelligence Sword Base. SPARTAN-III Noble Team were deployed to assist UNSC Army forces in repelling Covenant ground forces. After clearing out the courtyard outside the facility as well as destroying a pair of Wraith tanks outside the main gate, a Pelican dropship dropped off an M12 LRV for Kat-B320 and SPARTAN-B312 to use for their use in their mission to secure two outposts that would aid the UNSC in their defence. Another LRV was dropped off after the Spartans secured one of the outposts.[8] Later, a large number of Warthogs were part of a UNSC counterattack on the large congregation of Covenant ground forces that had occupied the Viery Territory. The UNSC and Covenant forces met in the massive plains of the territory, and a huge battle erupted, resulting in the loss of many M12 LRVs. A small convoy of Warthogs broke off from the main attack force with the aim of crossing a bridge to another part of the gulch. Covenant mortar fire soon destroyed the bridge, obliterating most of the Warthogs outright, and sending others plummeting to their destruction. Kat-B312 and SPARTAN-B312 were the only survivors, although their Warthog was destroyed when it crashed on the other side.[9] On August 30 2552, during the final stages of the Fall of Reach, the territory of Asźod was the only off-planet extraction point left for UNSC forces on the continent of Eposz. Hundreds of M12 LRVs along with other forces attempting to retreat to the drydocked UNSC Pillar of Autumn were intercepted by masses of Covenant vehicles including a pair of Type-47B Scarabs. While large numbers of Warthogs were destroyed, many were able to make it to the UNSC ship before it departed from Reach.[10]

When the Pillar of Autumn arrived at Installation 04, its personnel were ordered to evacuate while Captain Jacob Keyes set the ship down on the surface of the ring. SPARTAN-II John-117 was able to locate Fire Team Charlie at a nearby structure and assisted them in repelling Covenant strike forces. Pelican Echo 419 arrived to evacuate the survivors to the newly-established Alpha Base as well as drop off an M12 LRV for the Spartan and PFC Fitzgerald to use in their search for other survivors.[11] The UNSC later launched an attack on the island that housed the installation's Cartographer. Spearheaded by the Master Chief, the human forces were able to secure a beachhead on the island allowing Echo 419 to deploy an M12 LRV for the Spartan to use in his hunt for the Cartographer building. Later in the raid, Bravo 022 was to bring in heavy weapons for the UNSC ground forces after it was discovered that there were Mgalekgolo in the area. It was in the process of ferrying another M12 LRV and several rocket launchers to the Cartographer island when it was shot down by enemy fire. While the Pelican was destroyed and its surviving crew executed by the Covenant, the Warthog and other cargo remained intact. John-117 was able to locate the crash site and acquired the Warthog along with a rocket launcher.[12][13] Around the same time, ODST forces under the command of Lieutenant McKay launched an attack on the Covenant-occupied Pillar of Autumn in order to retrieve supplies for Alpha Base. They were successful, and were able to retrieve a large number of M12 LRVs, along with four M808B Scorpion tanks, food, ammunition and various other supplies. On their way back to Alpha Base, the UNSC convoy was attacked by Covenant forces lead by Field Master Noga 'Putumee. While the convoy took several losses, they were ultimately able to make it back to Alpha Base.[14]

A Pelican dropship deployed Fireteam Zulu along with an M12 LRV into an icy valley within a large canyon in the vicinity of the installation's Control Room before crashing in an adjacent valley due to Covenant Banshee fire. Fireteam Zulu was immediately attacked by a large force of Covenant troops, including Shades, Ghosts and a Wraith tank. Their Warthog was flipped over during the skirmish but remained intact and was later used by the Master Chief when he arrived in the area during his push to the Control Room.[15]

Later in the battle, when the parasitic Flood broke free from their containment and spread across the ring, they clashed with the UNSC and Covenant troops occupying the ring. Many M12 LRVs and other vehicles were used during a large three-way battle with the Covenant and Flood.[16] A single overturned M12 LRV was discovered by John-117 during his search for the installation's phase pulse generators with a dead Stealth Sangheili and combat form nearby.[17] At the end of the battle, John-117 destroyed the Pillar of Autumn's fusion reactors, intending to destroy Installation 04 in order to wipe out all Covenant and Flood forces. Taking a service elevator up to a Warthog garage, the Spartan commandeered one of the many M12 LRVs in the bay and used it to traverse a Class Seven service corridor to find a way off the ring before the ship detonated. While Echo 419 was shot down by several Banshees, the Master Chief was able to use the Warthog to reach a hangar bay where he escaped from the Autumn in a GA-TL1 Longsword shortly before the ship exploded, destroying the ring.[18]

At some point in October 2552, several M12 LRVs were being used to evacuate Admiral Kovalic, who was trying to get an important AI off a planet that was under Covenant attack. While trying to escape the convoy is attacked by a Jiralhanae Chieftain who destroyed one Warthog outright before throwing his gravity hammer at Kovolic's Warthog, overturning it. The Chieftain moved in to attack the admiral before being distracted by the arrival of a drop pod landing nearby. ODST Sarah Palmer stepped out and attacked the Jiralhanae, heavily wounding it. As more Covenant troops closed in on the humans, the Chieftain recovered. Realising their predicament, Palmer used a grenade to flip the Admiral's Warthog. Although wounded by needler shards, Palmer was successful in escaping with the admiral, using the M12 LRV to ram the Chieftain as she left.[19]

During the opening stages of the Battle of Earth, the Covenant CAS-class assault carrier Solemn Penance broke through the UNSC Home Fleet's defensive lines and entered Earths atmosphere. Establishing a landing zone at the Uplift Nature Reserve on the island city of New Mombasa, the carrier deployed massive numbers of infantry and vehicles into the city including multiple Scarabs. The Covenant were able to occupy much of New Mombasa, as well as the surrounding districts of Old Mombasa. The UNSC quickly responded to the invasion: large number of M12 LRVs, along with other UNSC forces were inserted into the city to repel the attackers, as well as to board the Covenant vessel in order to capture the Prophet of Regret, who was discovered by the UNSC to be present on the carrier. An M12 LRV was used by John-117 to push through Covenant fortifications on the beaches facing New Mombasa before entering a series of tunnels that lead to the bridge connecting Old Mombasa to New Mombasa. They were successful in destroying Covenant forces in the tunnel attempting to regroup using Shadows and arriving at the bridge, where the UNSC force was reinforced by a M808B Scorpion tank provided by Sergeant Johnson. At least one M12 LRV assisted John-117 in destroying the Covenant forces attacking a Mtangulizi Kampuni building that served as the command post for UNSC Marine Corps "A" Company.[20][21]

At some point during the Battle of Mombasa, the Covenant brought the Conduit - a Forerunner device capable of opening slipspace portals - to the city. After retrieving a data pad with information pertaining to the Conduit, Orbital Drop Shock Trooper squad Alpha-Five were dispatched to retrieve the Conduit from the Covenant. They were successful, killing the Field Master in possession of the Conduit. They then delivered it to a convoy consisting of an M313 Elephant and an M12 LRV. The Conduit was loaded onto the Elephant while Alpha-Five commandeered the Warthog. The convoy were successful in reaching a UNSC green zone, despite being attacked by waves of Unggoy including suicide units, Sangheili and Yanme'e. While defending the green zone from a frontal Covenant assault, a Sangheili Field Master exited a Spirit above the Elephant, destroying it from within and escaping back onto the Spirit with the Conduit. Alpha-Five mounted up on another M12 LRV and began to pursue the Covenant dropship, which was damaged by a rocket fired by a SPARTAN-II. Alpha-Five used the M12 LRV to punch trough Covenant defences on the highway before arriving in a plaza. Covenant soon swarm into the area, having drawn the squad in to trap and kill them. As overwhelming numbers of Covenant attacked Alpha-Five, more SOEIVs dropped into the area and with the help of the newly-arrived ODSTs, Alpha-Five was able to secure the area. Alpha-Five were ultimately successful in retrieving the Conduit and they used an M12 LRV in an attempt to escape from the city. As they tried to leave, the Solemn Penance made a slipspace jump above the city. As a result, Alpha-Five was presumed dead.[22]

After the retreat of the Prophet of Regret, large numbers of Covenant troops still remained within the Uplift Nature Reserve. UNSC Marine forces under the command of a colonel were fighting a losing battle against overwhelming numbers of Covenant troops by the time ODST Corporal Taylor "Dutch" Miles arrived in the area. Dutch was able to regroup with several Marines pinned down near an overturned M12 LRV by several Covenant lances. Eliminating the Covenant soldiers, Dutch managed to get the M12 LRV operational and with the help of another two Warthogs, led a charge through the reserve, destroying many Covenant units as well as assisting a platoon of Marines pinned down in Section B of the park. The UNSC force proceeded towards the Covenant landing zone, witnessing the collapse of the Mombasa Tether which caused a large number of casualties among the UNSC, including the colonel. The Warthogs were eventually able to push through to the landing zone, liberating the pinned down Marines there and destroying more Covenant armor. They were successful in wiping out the remaining Covenant forces in the reserve including the commanding War Chieftain before leaving the reserve in order to protect the ONI Alpha Site.[23] By nightfall of October 20, the Covenant had thoroughly occupied the city of New Mombasa, with nearly all UNSC forces evacuated or destroyed. During his time searching through the darkened streets for clues as to the whereabouts of his squad, the Rookie passed by many destroyed M12 LRVs, along with other destroyed UNSC and Covenant vehicles from the intense battle that had raged during the day.[24]

Upon its arrival at Installation 05, the UNSC Stalwart-class light frigate UNSC In Amber Clad deployed ODST forces along with Spartan John-117 via SOEIVs to secure a landing zone that would allow Pelicans to bring in reinforcements needed in the push through Covenant fortifications guarding the Prophet of Regret. The human forces were successful, and an M12 LRV was deployed for the Spartan, who used it to clear out Covenant forces guarding a structure that was used to operate a nearby bridge. The presence of multiple Wraiths on the opposite side of the bridge necessitated the deployment of an M808B Scorpion that the Spartan used to continue.[25] Later, a large number of M12 LRVs and other vehicles were deployed by In Amber Clad into the Quarantine Zone surrounding the installations Library. The subsequent outbreak of the Flood caused many of the UNSC vehicles to fall into possession of the parasite, including a number of M12 LRVs. Now with vehicular support, the Flood were far more deadly and were able to destroy large numbers of Forerunner constructs. Many Flood-infested Warthogs would be encountered by Arbiter Thel 'Vadam and his Special Operations team during their push towards the Library.[26]

During the later stages of the Battle of Earth, the UNSC base Crow's Nest had a large underground garage which contained many M12 LRVs and Troop transport Warthogs. During the battle, the base was destroyed by the UNSC with a bomb in order to prevent it from falling into Covenant hands. The underground garage survived the detonation, however most of the Warthogs were destroyed. One M12 LRV and M831 survived however, and they were utilized by John-117 and surviving UNSC personnel to evacuate. Another M12 LRV was deployed via Pelican after the Master Chief helped Marine forces to repel Covenant attackers from an outpost near the Tsavo Highway. This Warthog, along with many others were able to retake the Covenant-occupied highway and push through to Voi.[27] At least one M12 LRV was used by the UNSC strike force lead by John-117 during his push into Voi. This Warthog assisted the Spartan in clearing out several lake beds occupied by Covenant Anti-Air Wraiths.[28]

On December 11 2552, a joint UNSC/Sangheili force consisting of two UNSC frigates and the Fleet of Retribution arrived at Installation 00 and immediately engaged Truth's fleet. UNSC ground forces soon touched down on the installation, engaging Covenant troops in the vast desert plains near the Cartographer building. Many M12 Warthogs were among the forces deployed alongside M808C Scorpions by the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn to assist John-117 in his push through through the Forerunner wall between them and the Cartographer. Although many M12 LRVs were lost in the battle against Covenant armor in front of the Cartographer, the UNSC forces were successful in eliminating all Covenant forces including a Scarab.[29] Another M12 LRV was dropped in after the final barrier tower protecting the Citadel where the Prophet of Truth had taken refuge was deactivated. It was used alongside other forces to clear out all Covenant guarding the Citadel including a pair of Scarabs, allowing John-117 and Thel 'Vadam to enter the building, where they were successful in assassinating Truth and bringing about the end of the Human-Covenant War.[30] After the death of Sergeant Johnson at the hands of 343 Guilty Spark, the Master Chief and Thel 'Vadam used his M12 LRV to escape to the Forward Unto Dawn, narrowly making it to the ship before the partially-constructed Installation 08 fired and subsequently exploded.[31]

M12 Warthog LRVs continued to be used by the UNSC after the close of the Human-Covenant War. The severed aft section of the Forward Unto Dawn containing Spartan John-117 and "Smart" AI Cortana contained a number of M12 LRVs. When the ship was pulled into the surface of the Forerunner shield world Requiem in July 2557, the remnants of the Dawn did not survive atmospheric entry; while the ship was torn up and scattered across a kilometres-wide swath on the surface, many M12 LRVs survived the crash. John-117 took one in order to scout the surface of the shield world. This Warthog was used against ground forces of Jul 'Mdama's Covenant that were setting up fortifications in the area.[32] Later, when the UNSC Infinity arrived at Requiem, the massive ship was hacked by the newly-awakened Ur-Didact, the leader of the Forerunner Promethean Warrior-Servants and forced to crash-land on the surface of the shield world. A united Covenant-Promethean force attacked the downed ship, forcing John-117 to mount a rescue mission. An M12 LRV and an M808C Scorpion were deployed by Pelican dropships for use by the relief party. The Master Chief took the Scorpion while a pair of SPARTAN-IVs took control of the Warthog. The attack force was successful in pushing through heavy Covenant forces en-route to the downed Infinity.[33] During Gypsy Company's assault on the particle cannons protecting Requiem's gravity well generator, their M510 Mammoth carried two M12 LRVs. John-117 and several SPARTAN-IVs used these Warthogs to retrieve the target designator needed to mark the cannons for destruction from the wreckage of Papa Foxtrot 766. The assault force later destroyed a number of Covenant power sources powering a force field that prevented the Mammoth from moving any further. After destroying a second particle cannon, a Covenant Lich arrived and disabled the Mammoth while a large number of Phantoms dropped off Ghosts and Wraiths onto the battlefield. The assault force was able to neutralize all Covenant vehicles as well as the troops guarding the Lich's landing zone. The M12 LRVs were left behind while the Spartans boarded the Lich and destroyed it from within.[34]

Six months later, the Infinity returned to Requiem with the goal of establishing research facilities on the shield world due to the abundance of Forerunner artifacts contained therein. UNSC Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force units were deployed onto the surface of Requiem, along with multiple SPARTAN-IV fireteams. M12 LRVs were among the many vehicles deployed to aid the human forces in their efforts to repel local Covenant and Promethean forces. At least one M12 LRV was used by Fireteam Crimson during their initial mission to destroy several Covenant short-range wireless transceivers. Later in the battle, Crimson and several Marines made use of a pair of Warthogs in order to help defend Magma Base from Covenant attackers. Several M12 LRVs were deployed to "Cyclone" to aid Crimson in their mission to destroy a trio of Covenant artillery pieces that were firing on Fireteam Majestic's position. Another pair of M12 LRVs were dropped off by Pelicans into "Warrens", crushing a pair of Unggoy Storm upon deployment. Fireteam Crimson used these Warthogs in order to disable the shield wall denying access to a Covenant base, before wiping out the Covenant forces in the base. Two M12 LRVs were provided to Crimson in order to hold off Covenant attacks at "Lockup", however they were destroyed by Phantoms before Crimson can make use of them. Towards the end of the battle, a number of M12 LRVs were being carried by Fireteam Forest's Pelican when it was shot down at "Apex". These Warthogs survived the dropship's rough landing and were used by Forest and Crimson in order to clear out local Covenant forces and summon a Lich to their position. These Warthogs were able to destroy multiple waves of Covenant, including Mgalekgolo and many Ghosts, ultimately allowing the Spartan-IV fireteams to board the Lich and seize its power core.[35]

During the Battle of Oban, SPARTAN-IV Commander Sarah Palmer and Gabriel Thorne used a Warthog to jump off a cliff, driving over a pair of Phantoms. The Warthog crashed hard into the ground, throwing out the Spartans. The Phantoms prepared to attack the humans but were immediately blown up by a GA-TL1 Longsword.[36] By October 2558, the M12B began to see more prodigious use among human forces. A variant of the M12B LRV known as 'Corp' Warthogs were used by the Liang-Dortmund Corporation as part of their embedded security force. Several of these vehicles were used by Fireteam Osiris during the Battle of Meridian in order to help the security forces to fend off Promethean attacks. During the attack, Promethean Soldiers demonstrated the ability to commandeer Warthogs for themselves, forcing the Spartans to destroy the enemy-occupied M12B LRVs.[37] M12 and M12B Warthogs were incorporated into UNSC War Games simulations.

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