The Hidden Artifact of Reach

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Defense of Castle Base

The Hidden Artifact of Reach


Halo Interactive Strategy Game





CASTLE Base, Reach


  • UNSC Forces: Kill all Covenant forces.
  • Covenant Forces: Kill all UNSC forces and steal the Forerunner Crystal by having at least one unit in the dig site for seven turns.

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The Hidden Artifact of Reach is the final showdown between the UNSC and Covenant in the Halo Interactive Strategy Game.



  • Prophet of Candor: The planet of Reach has fallen to our superior strategy and technology. Now is the time for us to claim our prize: a gift to us from the Forerunners! Elites and Grunts, move to and control the designated dig area.
  • Kusanagi (AI): The planet Reach has fallen. Only CASTLE Base is unscathed. The rest of the planet has been glassed. You need to secure the area the the Covenant plans to excavate. The Covenant must not gain control of whatever the Forerunners have left there. Good luck!
  • Narrator: UNSC Objective – Intercept the Covenant, stopping their efforts to excavate the Forerunner technology.
  • Narrator: UNSC Team: All Spartans and all Marines.
  • Narrator: Covenant Objective – Enter the base. Control the excavation area for 7 turns giving time to dig up the Forerunner technology.
  • Narrator: Covenant Team: All Elites and all Grunts.